Friday, October 31, 2014

Zameer Ansari Kabab House, Alamgir Road

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَـنِ الرَّحِيمِ

In a recent article in DAWN, about desi food in Karachi, I read that a Zameer Ansari Kabab House on Alamgir Road offers some good meaty stuff. 

So off we went on a recent slow evening, and our search brought us to the ZA Kabab Place that is located right next to the "Quetta Hotel" that offers a very famous variety of lachchay daar paratha's with omelet style eggs as early morning breakfast, which we have tried once or twice.

A review of that is intended in future, insha'Allah. Taking photos and simultaneously balancing plates of food whilst seated in your car is not easy. And sitting on the rickety roadside plastic tables and chairs outside Quetta Hotel on Alamgir Road, among thronging crowds of mostly men, is also not easy for a family with small children.

Anyhow, hygiene and cleanliness in this neighborhood is clearly not a top priority. You'll need to skip and hop over strewn bits of trash on the road, and then climb some really steep metal stairs to get to this "family hall" on the first floor of Zameer Ansari Kabab House.

It is well aired and neat, to give due credit. There is a standby generator and a huge "desert cooler" (Lahore style) in a corner on this floor.
However, don't be surprised that there is no air conditioning.

For some reason, there were a few huge, honeybee-type winged insects flying around, which made us somewhat scared. Thankfully, they'd gravitate towards the naked light bulbs and scorch themselves to death.
My kids were more entertained by them than scared. Heh! :)
Never a dull moment when eating out in Karachi, eh?

The menu, and their phone numbers.

White and red, both kinds of meat are on offer.
However, not all items on the menu are always available. The waiter told us that only the items visible on the left side of the menu (in the above photo) were available.

Nothing on the so-called "VIP menu" (visible above right), was available either.
Prices of mutton dishes are surprisingly reasonable, aren't they?
That none of these mutton dishes were available, was rather disappointing though.

Apparently they also have kabab rolls and halwa.

Zameer Ansari also caters Delhi wala's food for parties. :) 

Beef Bihari Boti a.k.a Bihari Kababs - Rs 176

Chutney and onions, complimentary.

Chicken Reshmi Kababs - Rs 220
Soft and spicy, these were melt-in-your-mouth tender and served piping hot, straight off the coals. 

Chicken Gola Kababs - Rs 220
A bit more spicy but just as tender as the other chicken kababs.
The mince inside was so fine, that it stuck to the plate and to our finger tips.

Puri Paratha's

All the food at a glance, besides the chapati's that we also ordered.

This was the star of the evening. Even though I am not much of a beef eater, these were totally out of this world! Better than even the Bihari Boti that I've had at Al-Kabab.

All in all, a no-frills, delicious meat-eating tryst with utmost simplicity.

Every bite of the kababs chewed with the crunchy, flaky puri paratha's, dabbed in chutney and the raw onions, was pure desi delight! 

This whole meal cost no more than a single entree offered by the fancier, "burgher", fine-dining places in Karachi.

Verdict: The service was not up to the mark, and our order got to us quite late, as just one (clearly weary and overworked) waiter was catering to the whole floor, which had quickly filled up with families comprising of 4-5 people at each table.

Aside from that, and the few scary bees flying around, the food was awesome! This Kabab house obviously does great business, and has a loyal clientele that keeps coming back for their great food.

So if you don't mind compromising on ambiance and cleanliness to partake in some great-tasting, affordable local desi fare, you'd love eating here, insha'Allah.

Keep a small insect repellent spray with you, just in case.


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