Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tandoori Hut, Boat Basin

Tandoori Hut is an increasingly popular eatery located in Boat Basin, Clifton Block 3. It has been doing roaring business since the last few years, resulting in its fast expansion across the Boat Basin strip.

On any night, groups of young men and boys mainly dominate the dining area outside, whilst families are seated inside the air-conditioned family rooms visible in the background.

Don't know about everyone else, but the one item on the menu at Tandoori Hut that is the biggest hit with everyone I know, is this Chicken Makhnie, or Butter Chicken.

Eaten with this Garlic Naan that comes piping hot from the tandoor, or puri parathay, the creamy Chicken Makhnie has to be tried to be believed!

This handi of Half Chicken Makhnie cost Rs 450. It suffices 2 adults easily. Be warned though, that it is made with oodles of cream and butter that lend it its unique taste and smooth texture, which means it is full of fat and cholesterol.


Tandoori Hut also serves breakfast on Sundays. The usual halwa puri, paya, nihari in addition to omelets, paratha's, and doodh patti chai (brewed tea).

The outdoor sitting area outside Tandoori Hut on a lazy Sunday morning.
I warn you: the environment is not hygienic and clean when you dine outside under the cloth awnings dancing over your heads in the wind, along a flimsily covered sewer running on the ground on one side of the tables (yeah...ew...but what else is new?!), not to mention, stubborn beggar urchins persistently interrupting your meal!

If you have issues with all of this, you can avail Tandoori Hut's air-conditioned rooms to have your breakfast.

Omelet: Rs 50 (one egg), Paratha: Rs 30, Doodh Patti Chai: Rs 50

We prefer the traditional anda paratha breakfast over halwa puri.
No exaggeration: the food is worth the extra price. From the first bite, you can tell that the omelet is fried in good-quality cooking oil, and the paratha's - ah, what can I say? - every crispy curl that you unfold with your hands becomes pure delight when crunched in the mouth! These paratha's might just give your Mom's homemade ones a run for their money. :)

Sooji halwa (sweet, greasy stir-fried semolina) - Rs 50 (per half plate)
This was average. Nothing special.

Total breakfast bill: Rs 530 (the prices are a bit on the higher side)

Verdict: The menu at Tandoori Hut is very extensive, with all dishes that are part of traditional Arabic and Lebanese cuisine on offer as well, in addition to the usual barbecue, Chinese and fast food items .

Please note that, despite being located in the more economical area of Boat Basin, the food at Tandoori Hut is not cheap. However, taste and quality are guaranteed at the extra cost!