Friday, March 19, 2010

Nando's, Clifton

Situated in Clifton near Schon Circle, right opposite Dunkin' Donuts, is Nando's, which is famous for its Portugese-style, flame-grilled chicken. Their trademark is this red-and-black chicken logo.

The restaurant is on two levels.

The counter downstairs that handles their takeaway orders. They perhaps need a new podium! :)

Upstairs, the dining area is divided into 2 sections: smoking and non-smoking.

The types of diners include housewives, families, office executives, school-going teenagers, groups of girlfriends, elderly and couples.

Each table has a set of sauces for the diners to try with their Portugese grilled chicken.

Here are the four Peri sauces, in addition to the standard ketchup bottle. Tip: stay with the Wild Herb and Hot Peri-Peri sauces; the Extra Hot Peri-Peri is not for everyone! :)

The management keeps coming up with such new quirky messages every few weeks months.

Half chicken with 2 sidelines: French fries and Peri Rice (pictured below) for Rs 490.
Yes - its a tad steep.

The cole slaw was the sideline which came with the Chicken Steak (below).

Chicken Steak with one sideline - Rs 370. Sidelines include French fries, Peri dip, Cole Slaw, Peri rice, and Spicy Wedges.

Kids' Meal - Rs 280
My children didn't particularly enjoy this meal. Not to mention, the portion size of the fries was severely lacking, even for one child. Pass.

Fresh Lime - Rs 80

Nando's Chocolate Cake is one-of-a-kind: rich, gooey, and not available anywhere else! Despite being priced at Rs 150 per slice, it has a dedicated fan following that keeps coming back for more. They also have other desserts on the menu, but I always opt to have this not-to-be-missed, yummy cake whenever I go. :)

Like I said, the dark-chocolate cake is rich and sticky.

Like other "smart" foreign franchises, Nando's too, knows that in order to keep their customers, they have to appease the little ones. So both my kids, aged 4.5 and 2.5, got complimentary fun books and color pencils after we placed the order. The books had puzzles, games, and stickers. Also, on the way out, kids can take complimentary balloons from the balloon-stand kept next to the door.

Our whole meal cost Rs. 1480, with Rs. 200 of that going for GST. A bit steep, but the unique experience is worth it, especially since two adults and two kids ate to their full, and you don't get the Peri-flavored grilled chicken anywhere else in the city (the Peri sauces are available in most supermarkets now, though).
We should remember that it takes only Rs. 200 to buy a sack of flour that can feed a poor family for days!