Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dunkin' Donuts, Clifton

This outlet is located in Clifton near Schon Circle.

It was this deal that caught our attention. And, admittedly, we realized that we had never visited any Dunkin' Donuts outlet (!), so it was high time we tried it out, especially with two children aged 4 and 2.

I really liked the spacious ambience. It combined cafe style seating with a la carte restaurant dining. The perfect combination for a place that attracts all: families, executives, couples and the elderly. Notice the flat-screen television that is a part of all eateries nowadays.

This section offers a more "restaurant style" dining experience.

Did you happen to notice the lights? They are shaped like doughnuts. What a classy idea!

There is self-service.

Needs no caption! Except perhaps......drool. :)

Children get really excited in front of this doughnut display; sort of like "Alice" in her "Wonderland".

Cinnamon Roll, two Chocolate Doughnuts and Cappuccino. This fare cost us a modest Rs 250. We ate our fill of dessert for the night, satisfied. Everything was great in taste and quality!

For a place with such a great ambience, the food is not pricey at all - well, that is, if it is compared to the other, more "cramped" eateries in the city's so-called "posh" locales, which charge an arm and a leg for a few imported artichokes and baby corns that they throw in with their steaks! At least, here, you have the option to sit and dine in such a way that your conversation is kept private and the adjoining dining table is not within arm's reach.

Verdict: I don't know why I never went to Dunkin' Donuts before with my children! I guess that means we will be going there again, insha'Allah. :) It is also a good place to take a friend visiting from out of town, for a quiet mid-morning coffee, dessert and chat.

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