Friday, March 5, 2010

Charming Snacks, Clifton

Located at the entrance of the lane leading to the famous Delhi Colony, and just opposite a local Habitt outlet, is the ever-expanding Charming Snacks.

Their menu is that of any regular tikka and kabab place: Gola kababs, karhai, chargha, kata kat, fried fish, Bihari boti and paratha's/naan. The reason why Charming Snacks is being mentioned here on this blog, is because of the high quality of their food. It is really finger lickin' good!

Classic Lahori Chargha (deep-friend chicken) is also available in full, half and quarter sizes. The rates are very reasonable, compared to the finger-licking good taste.

Special Chicken Sajji is also prepared right before your eyes.

Sajji is actually lightly-spiced, charcoal-grilled chicken, a lot like what Nando's offers in taste, just cheaper. ;) 

The chickens are grilled whole on skewers around the burning coals. 

 Chicken Tikka (chest piece) - Rs 110

Chicken Reshmi Kabab - Rs 200

Crispy fried boneless fish: 0.25 kg per plate for Rs 120.

Gola kabab (beef) with dhaga (string tied around). Rs 110 per plate.

Half Chicken Sajji (leg portions) for Rs 220. It was succulent, juicy and very lightly spiced, drizzled over with chili powder. I highly recommend it.

Puri paratha's being friend nearby. Classic, Pakistani street culinary culture on display. 

Poori Paratha's - crisp and soft.

Although I do not recommend this dish (nor have I ever eaten it), here is a video of kata kat being prepared outside Charming Snacks. Classic Pakistani dish named after its classic method of preparation! What is it made up of? Please just ask "Shaykh" Google!

Verdict: Not 'posh' eating by a mile, but if you do not mind eating in your car, or on rickety plastic tables by the road on the footpath, then you should definitely try out this place. Just go easy on the chutney; it might not be too good for your stomach during summer. Otherwise, it deserves a big thumbs-up!