Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Qasr Al-Nakheel, Boat Basin, Clifton

This eatery on one corner of Boat Basin has been around since I was a kid, which means a good two decades. Qasr Al-Nakheel means "Fort of the Date Palm Trees" in Arabic (which  also implies that I learned something in these two decades, because as a child I always wondered what on earth such a complex-sounding name actually meant!)

 Anyway, of late this place was recommended to me by many. I kept hearing  here and there about how good it was, so one day we decided to try it out, especially since it has a nicely-decorated family room.

The menu shows that its prices are actually quite economical.

They offer a wide variety of cuisines: from the Lebanese shawarma to Arabic hummus. All Afghan and traditional Pakistani BBQ items are also available.

The ambience is alright. At least the AC was working, and that is what really matters the most at times, in Karachi's heat!

We ordered their Bar B.Q thali, which had meat of all kinds thrown in. This cost Rs 350 and was more than enough for our family. 
It had Afghani Pulao (pilaf) in its centre, one Chicken Tikka, Seekh Kababs, Fish Tikka, and Mutton Boti along with tamarind chutney and salad. 
Everything was fresh and tender.

The garlic naans were piping hot and, as you can see clearly, quite out of this world in taste!

Overall verdict: The thali was so good and economically priced, and the staff was so polite (something that makes a big difference to our family), that we will definitely try this place again in the future, insha'Allah, especially if we are in the mood for "meaty" BBQ.