Saturday, May 22, 2010

Al-Haaj Bundoo Khan, Sindhi Muslim

Located in Sindhi Muslim Society, Bundoo Khan is one of the most famed and vintage-classic eateries of Karachi, famous for its mouth-watering chicken tikka, kababs and paratha's.

These are the shops and eateries opposite Bundoo Khan, across the road.

It is surrounded on all sides by other international and more posh food franchises, such as KFC and Nando's, but though these new restaurants might have borrowed some popularity by being in the vicinty, they have not dampened Bundoo Khan's roaring business in the least.

Roasters Gourmet Coffee House is right next to Bundoo Khan as well.

They have recently expanded and opened up a new portion on the upper floor for families.

For those who have dined at Bundoo Khan over the years, it is obvious that the new decor and interior quality is a major improvement from what it used to be!

There is outdoor seating for those interested in alfresco dining as well.

Beef Bihari boti and Mutton Seekh kabab's. We are not big fans of chicken tikka, but that is great too.

The crispy and light puri paratha's are a famous must-have at Bundoo Khan.

The order is accompanied by complimentary raw onion rings and savoury imli or tamarind chutney.

The sooji ka halwa is an age-old favorite, enjoyed with the puri paratha's or on its own.

Verdict: Al-Haaj Bundoo Khan has succulent, great-tasting barbecue food at affordable rates. Perhaps that is why their loyal clientele keeps coming back for more, despite the mushrooming of a plethora of new eateries, down the road and everywhere else in Karachi!