Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Dip Shop, Schon Circle, Clifton

Located opposite Agha's Supermarket on main Schon Circle in Clifton is a small, cosy little dessert shop famous for its dip-coated, topping-covered ice cream.

Interestingly, they also have a Gola Gunda stand outside, that offers "Dip Gola"!

Their menu features diverse yet refreshingly affordably-priced items.

The shop is neat and tidy.

Understandably, families with young children are regulars at The Dip Shop.

Children love visiting this shop because the variety of dips and toppings make them excited about the prospect of 'creating' their own unique sweet treat.

The dips: ice cream scoops are dipped into these sauces.

The dip-coated ice cream scoop is then tossed in one or more of these toppings to cover it.

This is the Waffle Sundae, priced at Rs 70: a scoop of ice cream of your choice, nestled inside a crunchy biscuit waffle, coated with dip and toppings (crushed biscuits and sprinkles in this case) and crowned with a cherry.

I decided to go for Cold Coffee, my usual favorite.

Verdict: The Dip Shop has been in quiet but successful business for many years now. Its desserts are affordable but good in taste and quality. A refreshing change from the usual over-decorated cafes offering exotic-sounding, over-priced desserts that are considered the 'hot spots' in town. Pun intended! ;)