Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Snack Attack, Khalid Bin Waleed Road

Near the signal at the cross-section of Khalid Bin Waleed Road and Shahrah-e-Quaideen, a new eatery called Snack Attack has recently been inaugurated.

It is an outlet offering sandwiches, burgers, pizzas and the usual fast food at reasonable rates. 

They do not have walls around the place. It is "open". 

Obviously, a big juicy burger is what they are primarily offering.
The menu includes Fried Chicken as well. 

The eatery is very family friendly.

The color theme is red, yellow and white.

The "Espetada" - a unique dish hitherto offered only at Nando's (as far as I know) - is also available here for Rs 265. (If you want to know what Espetada is, just do a Google image search)
They also offer Peri Peri Chicken like Nando's.

A simple sandwich meal costs less than Rs 200.

French Fries for Rs. 65

A Pepperoni Punch pan pizza for Rs 185. Its base was slightly burned.
On our request, the waiter immediately offered to replace it with a fresh one, which took 20 more minutes.

The other pizza that came in place of the first one. It was pretty good.

Chicken Steak Sandwich for Rs 165 (a drink also came with it).

Verdict: Snack Attack seems promising, although when we went to eat here, the outlet had just opened, hence the service was a bit lacking (i.e. quite chaotic). I overheard another family complain about the fried chicken being too tough.

However, the food quality is quite above average. So if you're in the vicinity, desiring some fresh, hot, fast food to quickly satisfy your hunger, do drop in at Snack Attack for a quick and filling bite.


Since my last review, Snack Attack has increased the prices on their menu. We paid them another visit, and saw that they are doing bustling business now, masha'Allah.

Pictured below is their new menu:

Burgers and sandwiches

Portuguese menu - the kind available at Nando's.
I'm glad at least one local eatery is giving Nando's a run for their money. :)

Broast, fish 'n chips and pizzas.
Prices fall within the reasonable range. Any meal available for less than Rs 200 in a comfortable, restaurant setting is a blessing nowadays.

The whole menu.

Peri Peri Chicken - Rs 245
This is a quarter chicken piece grilled in the well-known "peri peri sauce", served with garlic rice, French fries and sauteed vegetables.
It was really good! Saved the guilt trip as it was healthy eating.

Mushroom Swiss Chicken Burger - Rs 165.
The crumbed, fried chicken fillet inside the burger was very succulent, oozing the sauce that was atop, and mildly spiced; it was served with garlic dip and fries.
Not healthy eating by a mile, but it sure did taste good! :)

Quarter Broast Chicken - Rs 180

Here is the contact number and address of Snack Attack.

They have directions printed on their flier as well.

Snack Attack also does free home deliveries. So, go ahead and give it a try, and let us know in the comments how you found the food to be.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Chatkharay, Khadda Market, Phase 5, Defence

Chatkharay is a very famous and thriving restaurant in Khadda Market, Defence phase 5, right opposite the stadium. 

As the name suggests, it offers traditional Pakistani desi cuisine in an upscale dining environment.

They also offer breakfast on all days of the week now.

Chinese and fast food is also available.

Inside, the blackboard announces the special menu of the day.

Downstairs, jars of "homemade" pickles/achar and other chutneys, sauces and spicy condiments are for sale.

We usually proceed to the more spacious hall upstairs.

The sides are lined with sofas, giving the hint of a casual cafe.

The stairway entrance upstairs.

I try to take photos of the menu in such a way that the flash doesn't obscure the text. Here, you can see the diversity of the menu. The prices are a bit on the high side, but still low for a restaurant that boasts a thronging clientele.

South Indian cuisine, Chinese, Barbecue, Chaat, Pakistani food - everything is there.

Desserts, drinks and frozen takeaway items.
Notice that they offer the usual coffees as well.

Mix Chaat for Rs 100.
I was disappointed, maybe because of my high expectations of the chaat at this place, based on the raving reviews/praises I have heard about ChatkharayMirchi's is much better, in my opinion.
But at the end of the day, no one does chaat like Flamingo in Boat Basin.

Pani puri, or Gol Guppay, for Rs 100

Chicken Shashlik with Rice for Rs 240
The sauce was a bit sweet, tasting exactly like that in Chicken Manchurian (overdose of tomato ketchup perhaps)? Nevertheless, it was great in taste in quantity. It can easily serve 2 people.

Chicken Nuggets with Fries for Rs 130
The nuggets were very dry, and tasted like flour. The waiter insisted that they were fresh, made from chicken mince. We all thought they were really lousy, though.

We ordered a paratha for the kids, for Rs 40. This is the regular variety, the kind that your Ammi makes at home.

Sweet Lassi, Rs 80 per glass. Well worth the price!

The total bill came to Rs 810.
Not too expensive, eh? Considering that two adults and two children ate (and drank) to their full?

Verdict: Whenever I dine at Chatkharay, I wonder what the hoopla is all about. Sure, the food is good, and the ambience too, but I still don't understand why people flock to this place the way they do.
I must mention, though, that I have had their Continental breakfast once (regular omelette, toasts and tea) and it was really good.
For the chaat type snack stuff, Chatkharay has nothing better to offer than the regular chaat vendors standing on the roads, except perhaps a better indoor environment to devour the bhel puri's and dahi bara's in. I would recommend Mirchi for that over Chatkharay any day. For now, their staff is more polite and cordial. 
Lastly, I have noted one thing each and every time I have been to Chatkharay for it to be a one-time occurrence - the staff is unfriendly and sullen-faced. More smiles wouldn't hurt their popularity.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Karahi Inn, Block 2, Clifton

Whenever we would pass by an outdoor, open air restaurant called Karahi Inn in Clifton block 2, we'd say to each other, "One day we should dine here on one of their baithaks". A baithak is basically a تخت, as known in Urdu, or a carpet-covered settee on which you can recline with oblong cushions to support you from behind.

Now that the weather is chilly, we decided to dine here alfresco, especially on the children's request. 

Karahi Inn is located opposite some famous, decades-old Clifton eateries, such as Karachi Broast
The blue-colored windows that are visible in the distance in the picture above, are those of the vintage Chinese restaurant right across the road, Jade Garden. Even further down the road is another classic restaurant, Usmania

The sitting area is spacious. 

The green partition in the middle separates the seating area for families from that reserved for groups of men.

They also had a screen up with a projector that was broadcasting television channels live! The outdoor version of plasma TV, I suppose. 

The menu is typical barbecue/desi fare. 
We decided to order a half-kilo Chicken white karahi. This doesn't have any tomatoes in it. 

There was no soup on the menu, but on asking, the waiter readily offered to bring it from Usmania Restaurant across the road.
This was a single serving of Chicken Corn Soup for Rs 90. Looks like he borrowed the spoon from the Karachi Broast joint nearby - one of those only-in-Pakistan things. :)

Half kilo Chicken White Karahi for Rs 320. It was very delicious and freshly made, brought to us within 20 minutes, as promised.
The quantity was more than enough for 2 adults. We had to get leftovers packed.

Garlic Naans for Rs 30 each - although they were fresh, they were a tad bit too salty and charred on the edges. 

Tandoori paratha also for Rs 30 - this was soft and extremely sumptuous! Served piping hot from the tandoor.

Verdict: It was overall a very enjoyable experience, alhamdulillah. The children were very happy to be able to kick off their shoes, lie down with their heads on pillows, and watch the open night sky. Not to mention, they enjoyed the company of the stray cats that wandered around under the baithaks

Try such an experience when you're in the mood for a picnic-type dinner with traditional desi food outdoors.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yuan Tung Chinese Restaurant, PECHS

Located in a side lane off main Tariq Road in PECHS Block 2 is a quaint, vintage Chinese Restaurant housed in a bungalow, known as Yuan Tung

The entrance to the side lane in which this restaurant is located, is directly opposite the huge, distinguishable English Boot House outlet located on main Tariq Road.

The placard outside the restaurant bears its name. 

I suppose the real, "authentic" Chinese restaurants also print their names in the native language! 

The entrance to the restaurant. Notice the Chinese-style architecture.

The address and phone number is printed on the menu.

Most of the main a la carte entrees are priced between Rs 300 and Rs 600. They serve 2~3 people.
Notice how the menu is also printed in Chinese, side by side?

We ordered item #16: Chicken Chillies with Vegetable

The Chow Mien and Chinese Rice menu. They also have some egg dish called Foo Yoong.

Beef, prawn and fish entrees. Notice the standardization of the prices of all. 

This part of their menu lists the more special/exotic type of dishes offered by the restaurant. Squid?! :) Eeek.

The ambience is a mix of traditional Pakistani, combined with the typical red-lighted Chinese decor. 

The red-and-white checkered tablecloths remind one of an American diner. 

Yuan Tung Hot & Sour Soup, priced at Rs 360

The quantity is enough for 3~4 people!

Chicken Chillies with Vegetable for Rs 360.
The vegetables were tender yet crispy-crunchy; just right!

Prawn Fried Rice priced at Rs 380

Chicken and Prawn Chow Mien, priced at Rs 420
This was out of this world!

All entree's were more than enough for two hungry adults, each. We had to have leftovers parceled. 


The bill. Rs 100 was charged for two soft drinks @ Rs 50 each.

The total bill was reasonable compared to the extremely good quality and quantity of all the food! We love dining at Yuan Tung. In fact, it is an old family favorite.

There is another Chinese restaurant right across the road, called Little China. It is also housed in a similar bungalow.

Verdict: As I said, the absolutely unparalleled, authentic Chinese taste of all the dishes we have had to date at Yuan Tung make it a family favorite, especially during winter, when we often crave hot soup in a cozy environment.
The restaurant is very family friendly and has a high turnover i.e. if you arrive after 9 p.m, you might have to wait for a table.