Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Damascus, Clifton

Damascus is a very popular Arabian food outlet in Clifton, near the underpass.

It is located near the huge Gul Ahmed Ideas outlet.

It offers alfresco dining at night, at reasonable prices.

Families and youngsters are both in attendance.

We ordered Falafel as a starter, for Rs 100. It was accompanied by Garlic Dip.

What Damascus is very famous for, is its tasty and light grilled chicken. All the food on offer is healthy. We mostly opt for their half chicken Furrouge platter, priced at Rs 325. It serves two.

"Furrouge" means grilled chicken, very popular in the UAE. In the platter, you can see, clockwise from bottom right: Hummus, Tabbouleh, garlic dip, pickles, Mutabbal (mashed eggplant dip), pita bread with Zatar, and finally, the Furrouge itself!

Note: there is loud Arabian music. Sheesha is also unfortunately available, ordered mostly by the numerous "chillaxing" youngsters who are there aplenty. May Allah save our youth from substance abuse disguised as pop culture.

Verdict: amazing, healthy and tasty food!