Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gazebo, main Saba Avenue, Defence Phase 5

Gazebo is located near the Saba Avenue/Khayaban-e-Shamsheer crossing in Defence Phase 5, Karachi. It has long been famous for its chaat and South Indian Dosa's.

Its menu is a bit pricey, probably because of the comfortable ambience it offers to accentuate the customers' dining experience.

The interior is air-conditioned, which is why ladies who want to enjoy chaat without having to eat it inside a parked car are among the most loyal diners at Gazebo. Dahi Baray, Pani Puri, Biryani and other savoury delights typically enjoyed by most Pakistani's, are also on the menu.

A popular offering of South Indian cuisine, the Cheese Dosa (the cheese was spread inside),with sambar and green chutney is available at Gazebo for Rs 80. Pakistan's very own cola, Pakola, accompanied the lunch! :) In the background, an Aloo Bun Kabab (local dialect for Potato-patty Burger), priced at Rs 40, is visible.