Sunday, July 25, 2010

Al Kabab, Bahadurabad

Anyone who has lived in Karachi and has a penchant for traditional kababs, is probably well aware of the famed kabab house called "Al Kabab" in Bahadurabad.

It is located near this major roundabout known as Bahadurabad Chorangi, which has this mosque (pictured) in the middle of it. Once you reach this chowk, just ask anyone around where Al Kabab is, and they will guide you. It is in the street just behind the Happy Ice Cream and Hav Mor Ice Cream outlets.

Despite being widely known and popular, this is what the eatery looks like in the street. You can easily miss it, since it is tucked away because of its small size. Right opposite it is the vintage bridal-wear house called PLK.

If you squint hard enough, you can view the name Al Kabab in the picture above, at the top. People have to eat in their cars. There is no menu card or table-dining option available. Surprisingly, loyal diners of this eatery are not thwarted by its lack of modern culinary sophistication.

These are the Bihari Kababs that Al Kabab  is famous for. They were moderately spiced and extremely succulent in texture. The best I have ever had! Priced at Rs 90 per plate.

They are accompanied by mildly spiced green raita and raw onions.

Also priced at Rs 90 per plate, this dish is called Kheeree and we couldn't figure out why it has this name or what meat it is made up of. We will pass it next time, as some of the bits were not completely cooked till the core.

Seekh Kababs, also priced at Rs 90 per plate, were tender and great in taste.

Puri parathay were very crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. Everything was served piping hot within minutes.

Verdict: Al Kabab is a must-try, if you do not mind eating in your car, with plates balanced precariously on the car's dashboard and your legs. The Bihari Kababs are truly out of this world!


  1. nothing like behari kebabs in Karachi - Delicious ,yummy ,well cooked and most of all HALAL! What a blessing karachiites! Enjoy.

  2. al kabab is tooooooo gud

  3. as you didn't know... kheeri is cow mammary glands

  4. try silver spoon on tariq road for behari kabab rolls and BBQ!! a must visit!

  5. Hi All! Thank you for this lovely blog. Al Kabab which I call Akbar's (owners name) was started by my grandfather Sir Omer Hidayat ullah of Canntt Public. He left the shop to Mr. Akbar from the school after his death. Since both of them are no longer alive the tradition is continued by their family and partners.

    1. I am visiting Karachi. I want to find out if Al Kabab is open 7 days a week or are their special days that this food corner opens?


  6. Replies
    1. Hi Deen,

      Can you please confirm if they didn't open any branch at any other place in Karachi? Is it closed down for good?


  7. Kheeree is meat from cow udder