Friday, November 28, 2014

Steak Escape, Badar Commercial Area, Defence phase 5

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَـنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Another foreign franchise has recently opened its doors in Karachi.
Ohio-originated Steak Escape recently launched its first outlet in Badar commercial area, DHA phase 5. 

The outlet is a stone's throw away from Bundoo Khan and Student Biryani

The well-lit eatery has two floors: a ground level and a basement. 

The signature logo and worldwide locations of Steak Escape are displayed boldly outside the outlet.

A burger or 6-inch Philly Cheesesteak sandwich will cost you ~Rs 450. If you want fries and (bottomless) drink along with it, the price will go up to Rs 600.

Click on the above photograph and enlarge it to see the menu. Else, click here to take a look at the whole menu on their international website, or visit their local Facebook page. A local website is also reportedly coming soon.

An added bonus: you can watch your meat being cooked and your sandwich being assembled in front of your eyes.

Two foot long sandwiches ready to be served.

A burger ready to be served, along with a foreground shot of relishes, sauces and other ingredients.

A better look at the ammo. Subway much? :)

The basement is spacious and well-lit.

There are booths and table-chair combos.

 A play area for the children.

Their logo in bold letters.

Don't appreciate photographs of people (and non-locals at that) on the walls, but the other pictures are good.

Mushroom Swiss burger with grilled chicken.

A closeup shot of the insides of a Triple Cheese beef sandwich, with egg (Rs 50 more).

Lemon chicken tenders and fries.

Frankly speaking, I didn't find the Swiss burger and the chicken tenders anything to write home about. My kids concur.
The Triple Cheese philly sandwich however, was delicious, albeit rather heavy due to its cheese and egg content.
I didn't like their bread as much, perhaps because I am used to the whole-wheat variety at Subway, after eating which white-flour bread (refined carbs) don't appeal so much any more.

The staff assembling food in front of your eyes. Note the gloves and shower cap like hair coverings? Appreciate the high hygiene standards.

The industrial kitchen is sparkling and spotless nowadays, since the eatery is still new.

Verdict: If you like all-American food, typically personified by big burgers and fries, you'll probably enjoy Steak Escape.

To me, dining here seemed to be a combination of Subway and Fatburger. I do try to educate my children about what food is healthy and what is not, however, whenever we have food like this.

As long as one is consciously aware that expensive junk food eating should be kept limited to the occasional occurrence and not developed into a frequently indulged habit, a philly cheesesteak or old school cheeseburger never killed anyone.

Try it out, even just to know that you can now easily have the burgers that are served across the Atlantic, right here in Karachi, but only via the better, halal route that employs the local workforce and supports the local economy.

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