Friday, October 8, 2010

Student Biryani, Badar Commercial Area, Phase 5, Defence

Cafe Student serving delicious Chicken Biryani started a long, long time ago, as any Karachiite knows, and eventually their biryani came to be known as Student Biryani. Today, it is a thriving business that has many outlets in the city. 

This outlet recently opened in Defence phase 5, on 13th street in Badar Commercial area, between Daily Dubai Restaurant and the KFC on main 26th street.

The outlet is double-storied and offers a play area for children. 

The style of the menus reminds one of KFC.

There are many deals on offer for different family sizes.

I must admit this new outlet is spacious and probably worth the investment in the long run.

This is the downstairs reception area.

As I said, this outlet is huge and very family-friendly. This is the spacious upper floor.

The prices are fairly economical.

Kids's meals come with the usual toys.

We ordered these two deals: Deal 1 and Deal 2.

Parents can dine in peace because of the presence of a play area on the upper floor that entertains the young ones.

Take a look at the a la carte menu to check out the variety of food on offer

Deal 1 was for Rs 180: quarter fried chicken (2 pieces), French fries, dinner roll and a Coke.

Finger Fish for Rs 110 for the children. I have tried this more than once, and I must say that for a Biryani outlet, they sure make superb finger fish!

Chicken nuggets (6 pieces) with some fries for the children - Rs 140.
As good in quality as those found at the franchise with the golden arches. ;)

Deal 2, priced at Rs 240, included one regular plate of Student Chicken Biryani, raita, and...

....One (beef) Shami Kabab, one piece of fried chicken, and a Coke.

Daal Gosht - Rs 50.
Yup, for a biryani outlet, they offer lots of other great-tasting stuff at very economical prices.

Beef Nihari - Rs 80, and a chapati/roti in the background.

Plain Zarda (sweetened rice) for Rs 40

Verdict: Do I even need to say it? The biryani is awesome! And this, coming from someone who is not a particular fan of biryani, despite it being one of the most popular items in our local cuisine (judging from how it is an imperative part of the menu at every wedding). 

Student Biryani was always here to stay, but now it is wearing its crown with a bit more dash and zing! :)


  1. I can completely see why living in Karachi can induce biryani fatigue, what will all the weddings and dinners and all, where biryani is pretty much *the* staple dish.
    This Student Biryani outlet looks not much different from a KFC joint! Good to see SB expanding its menu, having a play area and keeping up with the times.

  2. interesting... i've never been to Student Biryani, so i always thought it only served biryani :P

  3. I must congratulate the photographer for the beautiful snaps which misguided us to visit this dirt filthy eatery at Badr. The fish was stale,cold and tasteless, the seekh kebabs were an apology to the Moghul Cuisine.
    I request the management to clean the premises of the COCKROACHES, unidentifiable small insects.

  4. Lovely place, lovely biryani and lovely post. It was a dream came true when I first saw student biryani outlet in Lahore as I remembered tasting their delicious biryani in my visits to Karachi. A bit expensive than biryani express but at the same time far better taste.

  5. A great outlet for having food, however, most of their business run on take away orders through phone, they should update their website with their latest menu and should have a page for Pakistan with PKR prices rather than USD.

  6. Biryani + shami kabab + raita = Winning combo.

    My mom sometimes makes fried chicken with biryani too, and it goes quite well with it lol.