Monday, October 3, 2011

Hardee's, North Nazimabad

Hardee's, the international restaurant chain that boasts of "Charbroiled Thickburgers", recently opened its first outlet in Karachi, located near Five Star Chowrangi in North Nazimabad, among much excited anticipation on the part of the ardent foodie dwellers of the City of Lights.

The outlet is right next to Nando's. There is ample parking space in the side lane on which it is located.

We had to wait for 2 hours in the queue outside before we were able to get inside, even though it was a weeknight.
After a 2-hour wait outside, there was a half-hour wait in the queue inside.

This is the ground floor of the spacious and extremely clean outlet. Notice the guy getting a free drink refill from the drink counter? Yes, they offer free soft drink refills right now. 

A free refill counter is also present on the even more spacious upper floor.

The seating arrangement includes sofas as well as dining chairs around tables. 

There was no dearth of places to sit in the outlet, despite the crowd thronging it!

This was a more secluded section on the upper floor. 
This floor also had a children's play area, but it was closed.

Glass doors leading into the separate portion. 

The complete menu was printed on a placard inside on the wall.

The complete burger menu (notice that there are no prices printed!)

Flip side of the menu.

 Mushroom & Swiss Burger with Cheese, with French Fries and a regular drink, for Rs 354.

A shot of the layer of mushrooms in their gravy/sauce - it made up the gooey part of this burger that added a delectable juiciness to it and also melted the slice of cheddar! 

Best burger I have had in ages, even though in principle I try to avoid beef. 
 I had ordered Onion Rings with this combo, but they were out of them.

Original ThickBurger with Crispy Curls and a drink, Rs 450.
These Crispy Curls, which I had for the first time, were too good...much better than fries, in my opinion.


My better half had this, and well, let's just say that he couldn't say a word about it until he was done with it, because he couldn't put it down until it was all gone! :) 
The 2.5 hour long wait had really made all of us very tired and.....hungry.

9 Chicken Stars (nuggets) for the kiddies. Priced at Rs 233.

Cheese Burger, also for the kids, for Rs 147. This was smaller in size than the other two.

Hardee's also offers these "Hand-Scooped Milkshakes" that looked very inviting.

Despite being full because of the ample-sized meal, we took a milkshake for the road (a drive of 50 minutes back to Defence awaited!), as we knew that it would be difficult for us to visit this Hardee's outlet again any time soon. 
The milkshake cost Rs 195 (if I remember correctly, as we bought it later on a separate receipt).

The total bill, excluding the milkshake, amounted to Rs 1370.

Verdict: I stand guilty as charged. I have never waited in a queue for 2.5 hours just to eat a burger! However, the gushing praise I had heard of Hardee's burgers made me go for it just this once, and its true - the long wait was well worth it, because you won't get burgers anywhere near like these any where in the whole city.

The burger buns were extremely fresh and soft, the meat patty was tender and succulent, and the fries/crispy curls were soft yet crisp on the outside. I must mention that the staff and waiters were extremely attentive, efficient and polite, to the extent of being servile, returning again and again to ask us and all other diners, if we needed anything. Plus, as I said before, there were free refills. :)

The only thing unpleasant about the whole trip was waiting in the long queue outside and during this time, being forced to inhale the smoke of cigarettes being incessantly puffed by the groups of teenaged boys who comprised the major part of the waiting customers. Not fun.


  1. awsum nd thnx for sharing it...;)

  2. I used to love their Spicy Santa Fe chicken burger with spicy curls... yumm!

  3. great review .. your blog is very informative ..

  4. oooh! You got me craving for it. It opened in Isb 2 months back and we still have to wait in looong line. Thanks for sharing.

  5. This is a brilliant blog with great detail!

    I have still to go to Hardee's with my friends, and the only thing that is keeping us from doing so is what we've heard about the waiting time. I just cant wait to go!

  6. Also love how the bill mentions "Wifi Enabled" at the bottom. That's something new. Did you use the Wifi?

  7. I wonder why they charged additional 94 rupees for beverage. :confused:
    Excellent review though. Great photos and very detailed.

  8. @orezavi - No, I didn't see the wifi. I think the long wait in the queue results in such hunger that any Hardee's customer nowadays ends up concerned only about ONE thing once they are inside: EATING!

    @Anonymous - I think they just showed the food and beverage charges categorized separately, along with the GST, at the bottom of the bill. Even McDonald's does that; don't know why.

  9. hmm great u share all thiss
    i m not going to this place becox of quee i can't wait

  10. Not a fan of Hardees as they are not that good but its nice to see you had fun.. You should also try Gourmet Burger Company at Khadda Market and I assure you Hardee's is nothing compared to their delicious burgers.

  11. thnx 4 sharing...

  12. Is it ok to take other people's photos while you shy away from the camera?

  13. @Somebody: No it is not. I avoid taking photos of people. Most of the photos on this blog focus on the food, and if I take a shot of the restaurant for capturing its ambiance, I try to take one that shows backs of men from a distance only (no faces), avoiding women altogether.

    Thanks for your comment, though. I will be more careful in the future about making sure I do not invade others' space/infringe their privacy, insha'Allah.

  14. i found it quite edible then, and now i am really interested to try this one..

  15. U didnt wrote about milkshake....How was the milkshake and u tried which one out of 3?

  16. i live only 10 min away frm it but i cannot and will not wait in a LINE for something like that. i had to wait for 2 months. lolz. it was funny to see the "burger families" coming to N.N. and waiting in lines. lol.

  17. @Aqib: We bought the chocolate-flavored milkshake. We really liked it! The quantity was so much that we had to share it as a family after our heavy dinner.

  18. This is very useful and interesting blog..Great

  19. Awesome feedback of your trip, you made me mouth watering!

  20. thanks for the info i'm going out with my friends soon anyway thanks for sharing.