Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yuan Tung Chinese Restaurant, PECHS

Located in a side lane off main Tariq Road in PECHS Block 2 is a quaint, vintage Chinese Restaurant housed in a bungalow, known as Yuan Tung

The entrance to the side lane in which this restaurant is located, is directly opposite the huge, distinguishable English Boot House outlet located on main Tariq Road.

The placard outside the restaurant bears its name. 

I suppose the real, "authentic" Chinese restaurants also print their names in the native language! 

The entrance to the restaurant. Notice the Chinese-style architecture.

The address and phone number is printed on the menu.

Most of the main a la carte entrees are priced between Rs 300 and Rs 600. They serve 2~3 people.
Notice how the menu is also printed in Chinese, side by side?

We ordered item #16: Chicken Chillies with Vegetable

The Chow Mien and Chinese Rice menu. They also have some egg dish called Foo Yoong.

Beef, prawn and fish entrees. Notice the standardization of the prices of all. 

This part of their menu lists the more special/exotic type of dishes offered by the restaurant. Squid?! :) Eeek.

The ambience is a mix of traditional Pakistani, combined with the typical red-lighted Chinese decor. 

The red-and-white checkered tablecloths remind one of an American diner. 

Yuan Tung Hot & Sour Soup, priced at Rs 360

The quantity is enough for 3~4 people!

Chicken Chillies with Vegetable for Rs 360.
The vegetables were tender yet crispy-crunchy; just right!

Prawn Fried Rice priced at Rs 380

Chicken and Prawn Chow Mien, priced at Rs 420
This was out of this world!

All entree's were more than enough for two hungry adults, each. We had to have leftovers parceled. 


The bill. Rs 100 was charged for two soft drinks @ Rs 50 each.

The total bill was reasonable compared to the extremely good quality and quantity of all the food! We love dining at Yuan Tung. In fact, it is an old family favorite.

There is another Chinese restaurant right across the road, called Little China. It is also housed in a similar bungalow.

Verdict: As I said, the absolutely unparalleled, authentic Chinese taste of all the dishes we have had to date at Yuan Tung make it a family favorite, especially during winter, when we often crave hot soup in a cozy environment.
The restaurant is very family friendly and has a high turnover i.e. if you arrive after 9 p.m, you might have to wait for a table.


  1. Yummmmm... this has made my mouth water. The sight of all the lovely Chinese food while I'm down with this flu! :)

    Have you tried Chatkharay's Chinese menu? It isn't a dedicated Chinese restaurant but their Chinese menu has some must-have items like the Chop Suoy! :)

  2. I highly recommend that you visit Yuan Tung nowadays, then. The soup is just out of this world! Winter nights are the ideal time to enjoy Chinese soup.
    I have to review Chatkharay too, insha'Allah. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Insha'Allah, will try Yuan Tung if my family can be persuaded to drive over to the Tariq road area for dining out. :)

    What I love about Chatkharay, and what I feel you'd like too, is the *very* economical prices (never cost our family of five over Rs 1200 yet despite eating to our fill), excellent food and warm, family-friendly environment!

    Oh and make sure to go on a weekend if you want to try the Bar BQ items or Haandi too. The American Chop Suoy - crispy fried noodles and chicken in a sweet-n-sour tomato sauce is a permanent part of our order there. :D By the way, Khadda market has two outlets - Chatkharay Foods and Chatkharay - the latter one is what I'm talking about.

  4. hello..Aoa..
    why aren"t you posting any new posts these days... no new enteries..its been a month now :(

  5. @Anonymous: Wa alaikumus salam. I never realized that this blog has regular readers who'd miss posts being put up! Subhan Allah.
    Actually, I have 2 drafts ready, just havn't had the time to post them. But they'll be coming soon, insha'Allah.
    I haven't stopped eating out, in case you were wondering. Our family has been enjoying some winter delights, by Allah's grace.

  6. Thanks for the review. Yuan Tuan has a nice feel to it. It is the sort of place you would go as a child with your family and now that you have kids of your own it is still there, beckoning you to some good old fashioned Chinese food. The prices are not bad too though might have increased by now!

  7. salam.please answer this halal ,are u 100% sure please answer plzz,because i heared ajinomoto(chinees salt)is not halal.plzz answer i want to eat chinese.

  8. @Anonymous (2): Ajinomoto was banned back in 2001, then the company apologized to Muslims for using pork enzyme in it. Now, it is halal to use. Please see this link:
    Allah knows best.

  9. I realy like your reviews. If possible try to review more Chinese places + PG :-)

  10. I really like your reviews. If possible review more Chinese places + PG :-)

  11. Are you people done HOME DELIVERY?

  12. Be careful near the restaurant, People get mugged there all the time

  13. plz any budy tell me is menu price are fixe or change ? kia abi tak yahi price ha ?

  14. I think the prices must have changed significantly by now as this menu is from 2010. I am planning to go there today. will take pictures if possible.

  15. give me link of this restaurent

  16. reading all your guys reviews ate at yuan tung greatly dissapointed nothing tasted as good though had a gr8 time wid family thanks anyways

  17. Its a good taste family restaurant, especially Chinese rice with chilly and chow-men are the specialties of this delicious restaurant..

  18. The prices have become bit higher and serving bit low however taste is still great