Monday, January 25, 2010

Cafe Ciao, 6th Lane, Zamzama

Cafe Ciao is located on the far end of 6th Commercial Lane, Zamzama Boulevard, Phase 5 D.H.A, Karachi.

It is owned by an Italian company called Manuel.

The cafe has 2 floors, and a cosy ambience hued in amber, rust, and beige. 

Some wraps, pastas and sandwiches are on offer in the menu as well, in addition to the usual coffee and desserts.

Er, they need to print new menu cards. Notice the fat stains on them?
Anyway, if you peer closely enough, you'll see that desserts are priced between Rs 100 and Rs 400 a piece.

The coffee menu - and the stains reflecting the camera flash!

The television blaring out the usual stuff that clogs our minds so much that we crave coffee and rich desserts. :)

The cafe is kid-friendly and family oriented. This was someone else's kid sleeping peacefully on the couch at the table where we decided to sit. We didn't wake him up. :)

Cappuccino Grande (Large) for Rs 250.

Chocolate Chip Cookie for Rs 70

Another shot of the "Cappuccino Grande".

This Mochaccino was amazing for Rs 225. 
You can see that the specially-trained staff is quite good at "Latte Art". They have been trained by Manuel, or so I've heard.

Hot Chocolate (Dark Choc) for Rs 260. 
This was extremely sweet and insipid; hardly "dark" or rich. A huge disappointment!

Choco-Chunk Brownies for Rs 260

My verdict: Would definitely like to visit again, especially to try the pasta or wraps, insha'Allah

The cafe has a very laid-back atmosphere, where you can just hang out without even ordering a lot on the menu. This means that the waiters will not come repeatedly to clear away your table or to ask you if you want to order anything more (hinting at you to leave, as is mostly the case in other eateries). It is more like a "lounge". Also, as I mentioned, the cafe is very kid-riendly. So if your kids decide to jump on the couch, the waiters will not notice (hopefully). :)

Note: It is a smoking zone, so if you have little children, you might want to go when the smokers are elsewhere.

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