Saturday, January 25, 2014

Burger King, main Seaview Road

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَـنِ الرَّحِيمِ

The silence after the storm - oh how peaecful it is. :)
I am so happy that the hype around the launch of Burger King Pakistan is finally over!

There are no long queues and crowds outside the Burger King outlets any more, as you can see.
Pictured above is the BK outlet located on main Sea View Road or Beach Avenue, right next to McDonald's.

Few eateries have managed to thrive previously in this very building (such as the Dip Shop, KFC and Ponderosa); let's see if this outlet of BK has a better fate.

Once again, I found myself at this outlet of Burger King a couple of months ago only because someone else in the family wanted to have the famous Whopper. Yawn.
Actually, truth be told, I too wanted to try out their onion rings. :)

Thankfully, we were able to place our order immediately. Cue: no queues. :)
You can see that the Angus SteakHouse Combo is priced at Rs 650, the Whopper Combo at Rs 495, and the Chicken Royale at Rs 540.

Too bad I couldn't take a better shot to capture the complete menu of Burger King (by the way, isn't it about time they launched their own website? They are still operating on social media via a Facebook page).

 Here is a closeup shot of the above photo, to help you see the prices.

Basically, every burger combo at Burger King will cut you back Rs 400-600.
Lone, single-patty burgers cost ~Rs 295 each (without fries and drink).

The Burger King outlet on main Sea View Road has two upper floors where customers can dine. I think there is a basement too, but I'm not sure.

The view from the first floor ↑.

The booth style seating arrangement on the top floor.

Spacious and well-lit.
Unlike Hardees, which is still conspicuously missing an outlet on this side of the Clifton Bridge, Burger King has done well to not compromise on space for it's dine-in customers.

We ordered two combo meals.

Single patty Fish n Crisp (fish burger).

A small and crispy fish fillet sitting on mayo and topped with lettuce occupies the inside of the burger.
A nice and light burger, especially a good option for those who do not like beef.

The soft and piping hot BK Fries are always a hit.
Even when I had Burger King for the first time in my life, in Makkah, Saudi Arabia (back in 2002), I loved their light French Fries the most.

The Whopper! Enough said. :P
You can see how fresh the sesame-seed-topped bun is.

Tomato, lettuce and sliced onions top a beef patty.

A combo meal at Burger King (burger, fries and drink) costs Rs 450 per head, if you skip additional sides and desserts.

Verdict: I think Burger King should launch it's own website, for starters. It has done well with it's hype-creating, media-frenzy-driven launch in Pakistan with the simultaneous opening up of multiple, spacious outlets. It got the initial market share, now let's see if it goes the distance with quality that garners long-term customer satisfaction. 

Will we be finding stale lettuce and flat, crumbling buns in the burgers at Burger King after, say, 4 years,- just like we now often do at KFC and McDonald's? Time will tell.

For now, Burger King sure seems to be enjoying it's fifteen minutes of fame in Karachi.


  1. I'm so happy that veggie burgers are available in Burger King. I hope they become very popular!

  2. Isn't it true that you have to ask where they import their meat from? I heard that some foreign "halal" restaurants with halal certificates import their meat from non-muslim countries making them not halal. I'm asking because i'm not sure.

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  5. With the incredible food offerings the city has to offer ( local and authentic ) - its difficult to understand how this place is a draw to a foodie. It appears to be more for kids that think its cool because its foreign and overpriced.