Saturday, November 23, 2013

Pizza Point, Badar Commercial, Defence phase 5

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَـنِ الرَّحِيمِ

It took us a rather long time to discover Pizza Point.
Apparently it has been around for a while, considering that it delivers 24/7 for free all over Karachi, and already has many outlets in the sprawling metropolis.

Earlier this year, a new Pizza Point outlet opened up in the Badar Commercial area, right across the road from Bundoo Khan

This bling announced its arrival on the street that already embodies a thriving 'food avenue'.

The outlet has 2 floors. The ground floor has a 'starry night', outdoorsy kind of theme as it's interior decor, with lots of fake plants.
That's the salad bar in the background - a bit 'bare bones' as you can see.

Couches and booths predominantly serve as seating for larger groups. 

The upper floor is more airy, spacious and well-lit.

Reminiscent of Pizza Hut, the red-walled upper floor has both tables and chairs, as well as booths and couches.
Don't even think about setting foot inside the washrooms in this outlet, even to just wash your (or your children's) hands. They stink! [*gag*]

There is also a private dining area/room in one corner of this floor, which can be reserved in advance.

There is the room, visible in the background in the above shot, where you can see glass windows. We once reserved it for a larger, extended family dinner.

Chicken Lasagne - Rs 300
The lasagne was delicious! And I was really glad to be able to order it with chicken instead of beef.

Another shot of Chicken Lasagne, from a subsequent trip.
For the whole menu at Pizza Point, click here.

Salad - Rs 275
We have found the salad bar items (pastas, seasonal fruit, croutons, boiled potatoes, and dressings) to almost always be very fresh. Notice how the croutons resemble 'namak paray'? :)
What we usually order at Pizza Point for our main course, is one of the "Dhamaka" deals, as well as the 'Buy one, get one free' offer on pizzas that can be availed via the Rs 500 membership card.
Click here to view latest deals on offer.
The deals prove much more economical.

Two large pizzas and one pitcher - Rs 1299
In the background: Cheese 'n Pepperoni 
In the front: Afghani Feast
The Afghani Feast flavor rocks, because of a special sauce that they use on its base.
It is a bit on the spicy side.

The Cheese 'N Pepperoni flavor is loved by my family.
As the name suggests, it has only two main toppings: cheese and beef pepperoni.

Arabian Green
Arabian Green is one of my favorite pizzas at Pizza Point!
It is quite spicy, because of an underlying base of green chili sauce (hence the name).
The jalapenos and generous swirl of garlic sauce on top of it also add an awesome twist to its flavors.
Don't have this if you don't like spicy food, though.

Another shot of the large Cheese 'N Pepperoni Pizza

The Arabian, without the flash: Check out the garlic sauce that accentuates every bite.
Verdict: Pizza Point offers great pizzas at comparatively economical rates, especially if you avail their membership. 

Some of their flavors are very unique, such as Afghani Feast and Arabian Green. We have also tried a lighter tasting flavor, called Italian Lite, which will be loved by those who dislike spices. 

A great alternative to Pizza Hut, in my opinion. No offense. :)

Note: This outlet at Badar Commercial has no play area for children. Also, their management needs to seriously spruce up and maintain the washrooms' level of sanitation.

Here is a link to the Pizza Point Facebook page.


  1. How do people know it is halaal, I wrote to them some times and they didn't reply. Do you know, they may import cheese whic may have rennet that is haraam. Further the chicken used, it could be a frozen chicken product by MENU, you will, insha'Allah know what I mean when you visit MENU's website and view their 'halal' certificates. Same goes for Pizza Hut, though they replied halaal, but gave not a convincing answer.
    McDonalds, stated itself of importing chicken from China, but from a different area as it was accused of.
    Why don't you people use the 'aql, Allah Ta'ala has bestowed you with!?
    Is it so difficult to get a halal certificate from a reliable Darul Uloom? There (eatouts') reluctance clearly increases doubts.
    Mafhoom e hadith, leave that which puts you in doubt.

    1. *reluctance in getting the certificate that is from a local Darul Uloom, not the international ones, whom most people are unaware of.