Friday, May 31, 2013

Khausa Restaurant, main Tariq Road

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَـنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Located on main Tariq Road, on the left after passing by Dolmen Mall and Glamour One, Khausa Restaurant is a dimly-lit basement establishment. 
You will see a parked van with "Khausa" written in yellow boldly across its exterior, right outside the entrance to the restaurant.
Here is the restaurant's Facebook page.

These steep stairs lead directly downwards from the entrance.

The restaurant decor is modern and chique. 

The tables are thankfully not too close together.

There were a total of 3 wall-mounted televisions, each blaring a different channel. 
A bit too noisy for our taste.

We were courteously asked to sit in this spacious couch-booth, as we were the first customers that night.

The ceiling above displayed a nice multicolored light latticework. 

The wall on one side displayed a picture of the NY Times Square with "Khausa" depicted on it. Quirky!

Khau-suey is available in Prawn, Chicken, and Beef-flavored Curries

I tried to capture a shot of the rest of the menu, but it got blurred. 
You can view it here, if you don't wear spectacles, that is. :P
I'd really like to try the Pizza Paratha on the menu on our next visit, even if only to see just what it is! We wanted to have just the Khau Suey this time, though.

This muffin tray accompanied the 2 Khau Suey's that we ordered, with the standard condiments: chopped green onions, lemon wedges, papri, flaked red chillies, fried spaghetti stalks (where did that come from?) and chaat masala. Sadly they were out of chilli chips (Slims) or Lays crisps.

Unique idea with the muffin tray, eh? Reminiscent of other life hacks found so amply on the Internet.

The French Fries were large (like the Fat Fries at Fatburger), soft and steaming hot - literally. Breaking one into two actually released steam from the squidgy potato belly. 
We also ordered a plain ol' Chicken Sandwich (visible in the background) for the kids.

Prawn Khau Suey - Rs 350

 Chicken Khau Suey - Rs 325

 This was more spicy and had a generous sprinkling of vegetables. However, we would have preferred it with more curry.

 Here is what the Prawn Khau Suey looked like on the plate.

 A close-up shot of the quintessential Khau Suey goodness after it is combined with the condiments on one's plate.

The bill is modest. Khausa is not too heavy on the pocket.

Verdict: Overall, we were satisfied. The Prawn Khau Suey was definitely better than the Chicken one, and was more than enough to fill two adults. It did not hit the bulls' eye in being a 100% according to the taste of the original Burmese dish, but it was yummy nevertheless.

The Chicken sandwich was really nice too - very old school. One bite of it transported me back to the eighties, stirring up childhood memories of having chicken sandwiches outside Spinzer near Defence Market in phase 1 (which is near A-One now).


  1. Thank GOD!!! Finally!!! It's been so long since you last wrote. You meed to write more often!!

    Thanks a ton!!

  2. thanks a bunch for this rievew...eveythime we cross by i literally beg my husband to stop for a bite...he thinks its just too dingy and creepy...and the food would be stale :S will def go

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  4. Really nice work you are doing on your blog... agreed with Anonymous about the layout of your blog ...

  5. Thanks for the suggestions. I will definitely keep them in mind when rethinking the theme and layout of this blog in future, insha'Allah!

  6. Asalam o Aleykum ,
    Great blog post, it just makes me miss my city even more.
    Could you change /rearrange the page. Maybe add a title menu or some archive sort of thing on the page. Just for ease of navigation to your blog's.
    Keep writing and keep smiling :)

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  9. Tried take away from Khausa Tariqroad a few times.
    Food was really delicious just asked them to put low hands on spices

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