Thursday, February 14, 2013

Papparoti, Dolmen Mall, Clifton

 بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَـنِ الرَّحِيمِ

The Malaysian food franchise Papparoti has finally opened up at Dolmen Mall, Clifton.

It is located right across from the elevator on the ground floor, right next to Summit Bank, which is right next to Debenhams. It is across from the centrally located (and clearly visible) outlet of Butlers Chocolate Cafe.

Like KFC's Colonel Sanders who cooked up (pun not intended) the original, innovative fried chicken recipe, we now have a Pappa Sahib who is bringing to us a unique kind of "roti" or bun. :)

The outlet has been done up in hues of golden-brown and beige, reminding one of the main ingredients of flour and butter that warm baked buns are made up of.

I like how the huge white chairs juxtaposed against the dark wood accentuate the grey brick walls.

Wisely enough, the only "decor" is that of artificial wheat stalks. Get it? Buns made of wheat? :P

There is not much seating space inside the outlet, perhaps for about 20 people, at the most.

Which is why there are a few tables situated outside the outlet as well. The waiters serve you there. A welcome change from the self-service in the crowded Food Court on the top floor!

 There are a few combo's that will get you one chai with one signature bun. 
All of these are available at approximately Rs 320 (after adding tax).

The combo's of coffee+bun are a bit higher in price.

You can get one bun only for ~ Rs 250.
Yes. Ouch!

Other drinks..

In addition to hot chai's and coffees, there are chilled milkshakes on the menu as well. 

With permission, I took a shot of the staff preparing the buns before they were baked.

Trays of buns ready to be placed in the ovens.

The industrial-sized ovens.

 One Elaichi Chai with a signature bun.
Thumbs-up for the wooden tray! The bun reached our table straight out of the oven, hence it was too hot to be touched in the beginning.

The core of the bun is dripping wit hot, gooey melted butter. :) Lovely!
These buns really are one-of-a-kind. Especially enjoyable in the chilly weather nowadays.

Honestly, you have probably never had a bun like this elsewhere. 
Its outer dome is crisp and crunchy. Yet, the inner "flesh" is soft, stretchy (like freshly-baked mozzarella) and chewy.
The baby loved it! :)

The same buns can be ordered with a topping of whipped cream and chocolate sauce.
Toppings cost an extra Rs 60-120.
High on calories, it is advisable to save these indulgent treats for your little ones.

Teas ordered on their own (without a bun) are served in mugs.

Tea that is ordered with a combo arrives in a cup and saucer.
After the froth of the chai died away because of my stirring in the brown sugar, its color came to the fore.
This elaichi chai was nothing out of the ordinary. It was thick and made with condensed milk (like a latte), and is more on the sweet side. 

Verdict: The signature Papparoti buns get a thumbs-up from me. But we all know that a full meal can be obtained in the price of just one of their buns (yeah, I did the math) :) Good for a once-in-a-while treat.

FYI: We visited this outlet at around 10 a.m on a Sunday, a down time for business in the mall, because we wanted to enjoy a winter morning breakfast outing/chai run without going through a noisy crowd.
Therefore, we had the whole outlet to ourselves. I'd highly recommend visiting it at this time (even on a weekday morning), otherwise be prepared for noise and crowds.


  1. unfortunately, i was there the day of their opening. i went to the ladies bathroom and i saw two TRASHY looking girls in MINI skirts :-O OMG. i was like, watta heck, what are they doing here at hyperstar and now hiding in the bathroom (they werent leaving it for some reason)...

    later on, when the papparoti's ceremony started, i saw them on their stage posing for pictures with guests and "Mr.Bun" cartoon figure..

    therefore, i will NOT support papparoti....!!!

    (they were hired by pappa roti!!!

  2. Loved to eat it in Bangkok when I was living there. Smell and taste of butter inside is amazing. Shortly after first shop opened there local copy cats started popping up in every Dept. Store. So as a result last time I had this same quality small bun in 10 Baht (Rs30 - Rs35). So a dozen cost less than what they are charging for 1 meal.
    I do not understand why all the franchises charge much more in Pakistan then in other countries?
    Do they think people earn more here or what?
    A Rip off IMO!