Thursday, February 14, 2013

Original Crepe Factory, Khadda Market, Phase 5, Defence

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَـنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Tucked away in one of the side lanes off Khadda Market on main Khayaban-e-Shamsheer is Original Crepe Factory.
The website of this business is surprisingly quite well-maintained and comprehensive. Browsing it made me want to try out crepes for breakfast on a Sunday.

Original Crepe Factory is located in the side lane near the clothing store Labels (which is clearly visible on main Khayaban-e-Shamsheer).

There is a parking lot right opposite, on the side of the road having the "banglows" (*chortle* :P).

We were the first and only ones there. 
I was immediately disappointed to note that, even at 9:45 a.m in the morning, the drapes were drawn and there was no natural light. This made us almost want to go elsewhere.
Almost. :)

The staff insisted that they could not lift the drapes.
Anyhow, everything else in the ambiance was alright. The couches and coffee tables were comfortable and inviting. However, space was limited.

The rest of the interior gave off a warm aura due to the mahogany hues and the ample use of wood. 

There are seating options for lone crepe aficionados as well. :)

The couches are situated just in front of the bar and coffee counter....and the wall-mounted television (yawn).
The staff cordially shut it off when we requested them to, since we were the only customers. We enjoy talking to each other over our meals, instead of staring passively at a screen.

You can see the baristas prepare your caffe's and lattes right there, on the coffee machine near the counter. A great chance for my home-schooled children to see how a latte is made. 
Even the crepe-making machine (a flat, non-stick griddle that looked like this) on which the staff prepares your crepes, is right there in front of you. My children really enjoyed the live cooking demo. :)
They have never had crepes before, so they kept asking how crepes are different from pancakes, until they finally saw them being made.

Original Crepe Factory call themselves a bistro. 

Thats the best shot I got of the menu.
Most of the crepes in the a la carte menu range between Rs 300 and Rs 480. All prices quoted are inclusive of taxes.
There are both savory and sweet varieties of crepes on offer. The portion size leaves nothing to be desired.

They have a special set of items for breakfast (brunch), called "Omelet Crepes".

Chicken Sticks - Rs 275

They were out of Mozzarella Sticks. Disappointing! :-|
These chicken sticks that we ordered instead, were served with a tasty sauce/mayo that tasted almost exactly like tartar sauce.

Hot Chocolate Crepe - Rs 430 
Drizzled with hot chocolate sauce on top, this crepe was stuffed inside with Nutella. A chocaholic's calling, truly! :)

Hands down, the Hot Chocolate crepe was a big hit with my family, especially the kids (even the baby!)
Which chocolate-lover wouldn't enjoy a breakfast like this?

I took another shot to highlight the ample, oozing Nutella filling.
You'll be licking the sticky chocolate off your fingers and plate when you have this crepe!

Mushroom and Cheese Omelet Crepe - Rs 420
The good stuff oozes out when you cut it open. 

We ate the crepes by dissecting them down their middle first.
You can see the alternating layers of omelet and cheddar inside the delicate folds of the crepe.

Behold the melted cheese!
The piping hot crepe melts the sliced cheddar when it is folded over it. Yum.

In this shot, you can see the mushrooms as well.
Cheese, mushrooms and omelet in every bite. Delicious!

Cafe Mocha - Rs 190
Their coffees are somewhat cheaper than the ones at other popular joints (such as Espresso, Roasters, Gloria Jeans, and Cinnabon), even though the quality and quantity is the same - something that I really liked.

Tea - Rs 90 (tea bag chai, not doodhpatti).

Latte Macchiato - Rs 190
I am a bit confused. I ordered a latte macchiato but got what distinctly seemed like a cafe latte.
In the description of this drink on their menu card, they stated that it would comprise of the contents of a latte in reverse: steamed milk, topped with milk foam, topped with espresso. 
Whatever the case, a macchiato is supposed to have a "mark" of espresso on top of white milk (and hence the name), no? Where is it in the picture above? :P
Whateva! :-/


Verdict: It was an enjoyable outing, and the crepes were great. No complains about the taste, quality, or quantity of the food. The service was prompt and cordial. The staff made us feel very much at home, despite the din created by our spirited children. 

I will be going there again if I ever feel like having crepes, in sha Allah. :) I don't think we Pakistanis get crepes so easily anywhere else in Karachi.


  1. assalam-o-alaikum,,,,ur posts are really helpful....but I want to ask one are u able to eat out ( i see you take niqaab).....are'nt there men around ? asking just for info as I know ladies with naqaab who arent able to eat outside cuz of this fact...

  2. There are both savory and sweet varieties of Crepes maker crepes on offer. The portion size leaves nothing to be desired.

  3. i used to go to this place 3-4 years ago and i absolutely loved it!! of course, it was cheaper back then :P
    they closed thereafter... i am glad to see they have opened it again alhamdulillaah. can't wait to dine there on my next visit to Karachi iA.

  4. Κρεπερι, oreooss............