Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hot 'n Spicy Restaurant, Khadda Market, Defence Phase 5

Hot 'n Spicy in Khadda Market (the Defence phase 5 commercial market area that lies "in a hole or trough", as the name suggests) has become synonymous with the vintage kabab roll.

Recently, Hot 'n Spicy moved into a building located right opposite from where it has been doing good business for years.

This whole new building now belongs to the establishment, with a multistory restaurant inside.

The bottom floor, though, still caters to the diners who choose to eat in their parked cars on the road in front.

I like how the management has made special arrangements to make ease for its elderly customers as well.

A staircase leads up to the 3 floors above ground level.

The first floor.

A large aquarium an artificial indoor plants greeted us as we alighted from the rather cramped staircase onto this floor.

There is no restaurant or dining area on this floor, though.

The floor above was empty of diners/customers due to ongoing renovations.

Its interior design was more like a cafe, very different from the upper (topmost) floor.

So, further up the stairs we went.

Finally, we reached the rather, er, ornate door leading to the top floor, where the restaurant is located.

A little bit on the (cough) over-decorated side, i.e. too loud for my taste.

That being said, the owners seem to have invested heavily in brushing up the whole place.

The theme is a bit retro, with traditional touches in the furniture, art and decoration pieces.

There are dining chairs with glass-top wooden dining tables in contemporary designs.... well as sofa booth seating arrangements in one corner.

The owners seem to have clearly tried to turn Hot 'n Spicy into a fine dining establishment that attracts the more, shall we say, 'gourmet' connoisseurs of the city.

The new menu

Very picturesque and classy, eh?
Above are the rates for the Soups and Salads

Starters/Appetizers and side orders
Prices, as you can see, are thankfully still in the normal range.

Kabab Rolls and Shawarma 

Burgers and Broasts, all for under Rs 250.


Chinese items in Chicken, Beef and Fish
We were in the mood for having good ol' trashy fried chicken a.k.a broast the night we went.

Quarter Crispy Broast -  Rs 180

Cheese Broast - Rs 230
The only difference between this "cheese" broast and the normal one, is the small pot of "cheese" sauce/dip (visible on the right, above) that accompanied it.
Go figure! :P

Egg and Cheese Sandwich - Rs 150
The sandwiches are great value for money! Not to mention, great in taste.

Rainbow Delight - Rs 200

An inventive, uniquely desi dessert. We all shared it.

It had pieces of jelly, pineapples and other canned fruit flanking three scoops of ice cream (in vanilla, strawberry and pineapple flavors).
A tiny garnish of sprinkles was on top.

Chocolate Twix Milkshake - Rs 200
This was great! Thick and gooey. 
I had requested them to keep the Twix candy chunks out of it though, as I am not a big fan of chocolate chunks clogging my straw when I drink my milkshake. Chunks of solids are more appropriate in desserts, not slurpies.

Tax was charged at 16% of the bill.

Verdict: Not bad at all. I wonder how this restaurant is doing now, as we went a long time ago, when it had just opened up for business. 

If you like the food at Hot 'n Spicy, you now have the option of eating it in a fine-dine setting (with clean washrooms nearby to wash your hands) instead of out in the car.


  1. Just for the awareness of people, most chocolates and cakes contain vanilla essence, Vanillin or vanillin powder etc etc. The process of it results in alcohol content, (higher in ice creams), so with the bounty of 'aql, Alhamdulillah, you can judge the conclusion of my argument+ it is no wonder, that people have been afflicted with wonderous diseases due to the muck they consume like soft drinks, if you can reject cigarettes then why not the fizzy poisons!?

  2. *process of its' production, go research yourself for conviction.