Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Cakery, Tauheed Commercial, Defence Phase 5

The Cakery is the brainchild of Aamina Jehangir, a young entrepreneur and extremely talented baker, which is located right opposite the famous ice cream parlor called The Hot Spot in Tauheed commercial area, Defence phase 5. 

I first chanced upon the Facebook page of The Cakery and was immediately smitten by the photos of Aamina's delectable-looking cakes.

The Cakery is not a spacious cafe or hustling bustling eatery full of staff and customers.
It is a quaint, quiet little nook where you can enjoy some delicious baked sweet goodies, savory snacks and beverages in peace and quiet.

The undisputed "champ" of The Cakery - Red Velvet cupcake topped with cream cheese frosting, priced at Rs 140
Undoubtedly, Red Velvet cake (also available in bigger sizes) is the star of the menu at the Cakery. 

A slightly melted Red Velvet cupcake and a Peanut Butter cupcake. Rs 140 each.
The cream cheese frosting on the Red Velvet cupcake didn't stand much chance under the Karachi June heat. Who does? :)
I tasted the Peanut Butter cupcake and found the icing too sweet for my taste. However, I admit that I have never been a big fan of peanut butter any way.

Chocolate Ganache cupcake (left) and Hazelnut Stuffed cupcake (right) - again, Rs 140 each.
The latter has a blob/core of Nutella inside, which you get to eat as you break apart the cupcake while eating it. Hence the name. :)
I love the Cakery's Hazelnut cupcake! It is truly one-of-a-kind!

The slightly melted frosting is because of the excessive June heat of Karachi (yes, this post got a bit <*cough*> late in getting published).
By the time the cupcake box reached our home, it had to be instantly placed inside the fridge!

Double Chocolate cupcake - Rs 140

The cupcake box carries a menu of all the cupcake flavors available at The Cakery. The Chocoberry and Mint cupcakes are the only ones left for me to try.

Verdict: The Cakery's baked goods are definitely overpriced, but the great taste and superior quality of ingredients used, are guaranteed. If you want to support a young entreprenuer who works hard upon each product and regularly creates new and interesting culinary innovations, then do head over to the Cakery in Tauheed Commercial area, or pick up the phone to place your order.

For more details (and to view tons of delectable, mouth-watering product photos, check out the Cakery's Facebook Page). You can also view more details about it over at KarachiSnob.

China Grill, Dolmen Mall, Clifton

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَـنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Its no secret that the Food Court at Dolmen Mall, Clifton, is by now a regular jaunt for our family, because we tend to do our groceries in bulk from the mega mart located on the floor below it, a.k.a Hyperstar.
Air conditioned and all-inclusive commodity-wise, and surprisingly boasting competitively economical prices, it is a great, one-stop place to get all your household and grocery shopping needs met under one roof.

Shopping there means we get to try out the Food Court rather regularly as well.
Above is the bird's eye, aerial view of the mall from the Food Court, which is on the second floor.
Right across, you can see Gun Smoke restaurant and advertisements for Fat Burger.

Of course that is not a head-less man! Duh. I just use good photo editing software to wipe out the identity of the people caught on camera (despite my best efforts to try to avoid shooting others). :P
I included this picture to display the spaciousness of the Food Court.

Shooting for a drama serial was going on in this section (on the raised wooden deck that is located right in front of the elevator).

The tables and chairs extend across almost the entire 2nd floor (with more branded eateries yet to open, such as Fat Burger and The Noodle House).
What I like best about eating here is the overall family-friendly atmosphere (lots of strollers, bawling infants, children running around, doting grandparents balancing little tots on their get the picture!) and the complete absence of loud music.
Rather nice high-chairs are also available for toddlers.

Anyway, One Potato Two Potato (a.k.a OPTP) is the food business attracting the longest customer queues nowadays at the Food Court of Dolmen Mall, Clifton.
However, we all know that burgers and fries are something we should not eat too least those of us who are no longer 12 years old. :)
Which is why I almost always make a beeline for China Grill.

I really like the taste of the Chow Mien, Fried Rice and curries at China Grill.

Peppercorn Shrimps: this is my favorite curry among all the ones that China Grill offers. 

This is the menu. For a more detailed look, you can visit their Facebook page.
I chose to order the Wok-a-Meal combo, which has 2 main entrees (curries), one side of either rice or noodles (chow mien - only available in chicken), and one soft drink. 
Price of Wok-a-Meal is Rs 399.
If you want Peppercorn Shrimps curry with your combo, you can add it to your meal for an additional Rs 70.

Recently they have started offering juices as well. 

My combo ready and served at the counter. Serving time is 10 minutes.
This whole thing cost Rs 640: Rs 470 for the combo (because I chose shrimps), plus Rs 190 for the additional Chow Mien (visible on the right).
Portion size is definitely not a plus point. However, the combo will fill you up adequately, insha'Allah.
And as I said, the taste and quality of ingredients is great!

 I counted. There were a grand total of seven shrimps in the Peppercorn Shrimp curry. The Kung Pao Chicken curry that is visible on the right side of the plate was hardly any different.
Sorry for sounding like such a cheapskate, but I actually want to use this blog to inform the readers what they will get for their money, even if the taste of all the items was great. Just don't expect a big portion size.

That being said, I love the way the Peppercorn Shrimp Curry lives up to its name and comes doused with coarsely chopped peppercorns, instead of pepper powder.

Please remember that almost all the fresh food that is available at the Food Court in Dolmen Mall is a bit on the steep side. You won't get anything substantial (i.e. a filling meal) for under Rs 400, that is for sure.

Exceptions are the fresh baked goods (such as croissants, breads and muffins), not to mention, the full roasted chicken that you can buy from the deli inside Hyperstar for only Rs 389 (no kidding!).
In addition to these, the Hyperstar deli also offers fried rice, vegetable noodles, samosa's, spring rolls, biyrani, cold salads, daal, chicken makhni, crispy fried chicken, and other desi foods. Not everything is always fresh, though. 

Note: outside food is not allowed inside the Food Court. Yes, if you want to eat at the Food Court, you must buy something from one of its vendors.
Go figure! :)

Verdict: I really like the food at China Grill, albeit the slightly steep rates. It is hitherto my favorite vendor there.