Friday, November 30, 2012

S Abdul Khaliq's Mithai and Bake Shop, Clifton

S. Abdul Khaliq Sweets is a famous, household name in Pakistan that is now synonymous with "sweetmeat", or mithai.

One of its branches is located in Clifton behind the prominent Jan's Broast that is clearly visible on the main road as you go towards Boat Basin.

The spacious outlet is brightly lit and houses wide counters tantalizingly displaying their large variety of sweet products. No surprise that it does thriving business. 

On one side, lining the walls, are the different eye-catching and decorative packages that you can gift your purchased sweets to others in.
Think engagement, wedding and baby birth announcements that are customarily announced with a box of mithai in our culture!

There is a small bakery too, within the shop premises.
It offers everything a traditional Pakistani bakery would, from cookies and cakes, to packets of nimco.


As you can see, some of the cakes are pretty avant garde
You can view more of the cake variety offered at S. Abdul Khaliq by visiting their Facebook page.

Pateesa (the white, flaky rounds packed in plastic, visible in the top left corner of the above photo) is a vintage specialty at S. Abdul Khaliq.
Interestingly, they offer several flavors of pateesa and barfi, for example orange, rose and coconut (check out the trays at the bottom in the picture above).

Luddoo's, quintessentially sunflower-yellow coconut barfi, and other goodies. 

More decorative, aesthetically appealing boxes to gift sweets in.
Incidentally, we used the pink ones to announce the recent birth of our second daughter. :)
Its obvious the blue ones are for baby boys.

Round, syrup-drenched dollops of decadent dessert-delights: Gulab Jamuns, and Chum Chum
Drooling yet? :)

More variety of Pateesa.

Sohan and Habshi Halwa are another specialty of S. Abdul Khaliq, which keep their customers repeatedly coming back for more. These can also be bought in tins.

They also offer Ras Malai.
I was offered to taste this as part of my feature review of S. Abdul Khaliq for You can read it here.
The Ras Malai was very light and sweet in flavor and the cottage cheese balls in it did not break apart, yet were perfectly soft.
It is true that as far as signature Pakistani desserts go, S. Abdul Khaliq really takes the cake (pun intended)!

I was also asked to try their different kinds of pateesa and barfi
They keep experimenting with their products to come up with new innovations by combining different types of mithai e.g. new flavors are added to barfi and pateesa, then both are layered together by sandwiching them with a rich filling of nuts.
In the picture above, you can also spot the tasty Sohan Halwa on top.

Verdict: The pictures above are worth a thousand words, aren't they? In my opinion, the mithai  at S. Abdul Khaliq is one of the best in the city. In particular, just by tasting their products, you can see that the ghee (clarified butter) that they use to make mithai is of high quality.

Their hasbhi halwa (which I couldn't photograph) is also one of the best available in K-town.

They now offer free delivery as well. Check out their website for more details.