Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bella Vita, Zamzama, Defence Phase 5

The Italian patisserie of sorts, Bella Vita, recently made its debut on 9th Commercial Lane, Zamzama. In Italian, Bella Vita means "good life".

It is located in the lane opposite Pizza Hut, a little on the back side.

I don't understand a single one of those words! Thankfully we have Google Translate. :)
The meanings of these 4 Italian words are: sweet dish (dessert), cup, drink, and ice cream.

Tons of woodwork accentuates the cosiness of the interior. Wood seems to be the raging interior decor trend nowadays.

The walls are embossed with the Bella Vita logo, and the lights are covered with the design of a city skyline.

 You can see that a lot of work has gone into decorating this Bella Vita outlet.

Paintings adorn the wooden walls inside.

The interior designer or owner seems to be a big fan of Vincent Van Gogh.

A small tray is erected in one corner from which customers can pick up straws, sachets of brown sugar, napkins, etc.

Like every other business on Zamzama, space is neither available, nor a plus point.
However, whatever space there is, has been furnished to maximize comfort, with wood furniture and comfy, high-backed couches.

The counter displaying all the gelato flavors is located right in front of the entrance, so that as soon as you step inside, a colorful array of sweet treats warmly welcomes you.

Notice the chandeliers? I like!

Coffee machine and other dessert-preparing paraphernalia behind the counter (photographed with the staff's permission).

Right next to the entrance also lies a kiosk offering customers a flick through glossy foreign magazines. Thankfully they are not cheap celebrity tabloids!
As always, I love indoor planted greens.

Hot Chocolate is available for Rs 190

Can't help agree with their logo, eh? 

As the name suggests, loads of sweet stuff is on offer here at Bella Vita.

Lots of sweet offerings, ranging in price from Rs 200 - Rs 400.

Hot and cold beverages. I tried my best, but the photo still came out
 blurry. You can make out the entrees if you peer hard enough, I guess. :)

The delectable-looking gelato spread.

There is something here even for the diabetics and weight-watchers - at an added price.

Chocolate-covered gelato bars too!

The gelato flavors are not plain, but blends of different ingredients and sauces.

Many more desserts are also available, viz. tarts, cakes, cookies, et al.

I think they caramelize the tops of the puddings in these little ramekins to convert them into hard-topped Crème Brûlées just before serving them.

Cinnamon Rolls - Rs 225 plus tax, each. You can request the staff to heat these up before serving them, which is what we did.

Regular Hazelnut Gelato - Rs 140 plus tax
This was an appetizing blend of chocolate and hazelnut flavors. Soft and light, and definitely less creamy than regular ice cream, you could feel the crunch of the sugary crystals as you took a bite.

Regular Tiramisu Gelato - Rs 140 plus tax
Light coffee flavored gelato that would definitely not jeopardize your night sleep. 

Bella Vita offer cakes too.
Every eatery does huge slices of sumptuous cakes nowadays, don't they? But who's complaining? :)
Red Velvet seems to be the in-demand ruler of the roost that seems to outclass every other cake on the menu!

The prices of cakes are the same as those at other similar eateries ~ Rs 2500 per 3 pounds.

Glazed Cinnamon Roll - Rs 225 plus tax

A warm, sticky toffee sauce was drizzled all around the sugary-glaze-topped, delectable cinnamon roll that was served dusted generously with fragrant cinnamon powder.
The kids tucked in, and every unwinding of the doughy twirl brought about satisfied sighs from us.

 Chocolate Lava Cake - Rs 350 plus tax
In the background: Mozzarella Sticks

The mozzarella cheese sticks were nothing to write home about; they were more than a bit on the dry and bland side.

However, the lava cake was just divine! It was very rich, because of the heavy melted chocolate that oozes out of its center, not to mention the blobs of cream that are generously drizzled on the plate along with it.

I made this video to show what a quintessential "molten lava cake" looks like when it is cut open (FYI: I own all copyrights to this video, so please do not share).

Verdict: Bella Vita seems to be here to stay. I think the gelato is quite affordable, if you remember that it is a very unique kind of ice cream with special ingredients.

That being said, since one can buy a filling plate of biryani or a succulent tikka with the same money that just a scoop of gelato at Bella Vita costs, we can admit that the sweet indulgences of Bella Vita are probably better for once-in-a-blue-moon treats on special occasions.

That is just my opinion though. :)