Friday, May 4, 2012

Pizza One, Shaheed-e-Millat Road

 I stand guilty as charged. I visited an outlet of Pizza One more than a year ago, and only recently remembered that I have yet to publish the post about that visit on this blog.
I was reminded by Pizza One's prevalent Facebook ads, which made me realize that the business is thriving.

The spacious upper-floor outlet of Pizza One is located in Bahadurabad.

The board is easily visible from main Shaheed-e-Millat road.
The slogan is "Big and Better".

The entrance downstairs leads to a reception area adjacent to their takeaway kiosk, and an indoor waiting area.

Please bear in mind that prices have gone up since this visit of ours to Pizza One last year.
Their contact number is still 021-34321370-4, as visible here, though.

Its good for diners who usually eat at comparatively cramped eateries to once in a while enter a restaurant where space is ample.
This lobby on the ground floor leads upstairs to the main dining hall.

A separate party room is located upstairs.

This room was vacant. My guess is that it is reserved for private parties.

This is the main dining hall, complete with a few wall-mounted plasma television sets blaring sports, and a DIY salad bar.
As I said, its very spacious and brightly lit. The decor is pleasant and the ambiance is family-friendly.

No family-friendly eatery comes without a play area that will keep the young ones entertained. 

I really liked the "lapbook"-style menu.

Pizzas are on offer in many different appetizing flavors.

As I said, prices must have gone up by now. But you can see that they are still pretty reasonable.

To find out the latest prices, please click here to view the menu on the official Pizza One Facebook page.

Don't go all "eww" now, because I just had to showcase how clean the washroom was! I can't stand the stinky, filthy washrooms in almost all of Karachi's eateries, including those found in outlets of foreign franchises, such as KFC and Pizza Hut. Very few restaurants manage to keep theirs immaculately clean and properly functioning, even if they start off with a good washroom, so credit must be given where it is due.
Note: one of the cleanest washrooms is found in BBQ Tonite

Some new additions to the menu - reminds one of Pizza Hut doesn't it? Gotta keep up with the competition, eh?

Fajita Feast Pizza, regular size, Rs 440
Er, I think they need to replace this baking tray.
The pizza was delectable, though. No complains there.

Regular Tikka Feast Pizza - Rs 440

Verdict: Thumbs up for the spacious and clean outlet, the prompt service and the quality and taste of the pizzas. The little ones had a blast in the play area.

I think its great that there are thriving local pizza businesses in our huge cosmopolitan city that are preventing monopolization by international franchises, if you know what I mean. :)

Would definitely visit Pizza One again, if I have the chance, insha'Allah.