Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Courtyard Cafe, South City Hospital, Block 3, Clifton

In a serene, residential neighborhood in Clifton Block 3, sandwiched between Clifton Gardens apartments and a famous painter's residence, lies South City Hospital.

 Smack in the middle of this private hospital lies a small cafe lit brightly via a massive skylight during the day, appropriately called 'Courtyard Cafe'.

The ambiance is formal. An actual tree is planted in the middle of the cafe, with more indoor plants adding a lovely touch of green to the peaceful atmosphere.

The waiting staff at Courtyard is courteous and polite.

The management clearly seems to have taken care of ensuring that diners at Courtyard feel indulged and pampered.
The sofa's, cushioned chairs and stemmed glassware deserve a big thumbs-up!

Glass windows on 3 sides of the square-shaped room provide passersby with a view of the cafe, not to mention provide natural light to the corridors during the day. 
There is a small kids' play area right outside the entrance of the cafe, which is itself also child-friendly.

 The menu is placed on a placard outside the cafe entrance. Sorry about the dim photograph, but that was all I could manage in a hurry.
The entrees include Soups, Starters, and most standard items of Chinese cuisine having Fish, Chicken, Beef and Prawn; in addition to a limited variety of pastas, sandwiches and burgers.
They also claim to offer Gelato ice cream for dessert, and beverages.
However, when we ordered cold coffee, they were out of it, which was disappointing.

The prices vary between Rs 300 - 500. The good news: these prices have no additional taxes levied on them! What you see is what you pay.

Chicken Chow Mien, Rs 315
This was excellent! Authentic Chinese flavors and ample portion size.

Club Sandwich, Rs 360
Again, no complains at all. The sandwich was just great!

We also ordered Chicken Nuggets (partially pictured in one of the photos above) for Rs 265. The nuggets were thin and crisp like pakora's, and were accompanied by ample French Fries.

Verdict: Courtyard Cafe at South City Hospital just might give the other eateries in the vicinity a run for their money, once people get to know more about it (it is not advertised at all, as far as I know, not even on Facebook).

In terms of location, ambiance and the quality of food and service, it is at par with the best names in the game. In fact, I think its ambiance is much better than some overrated, overpriced and cramped-for-space cafes on Zamzama. Plus, there is no invasive loud music - a big plus point for our family.

As far as prices go, it definitely takes the cake! No GST even though the quality of food is much above run-of-the-mill.

Definitely worth a visit if you're in the area feeling hunger pangs.