Friday, January 6, 2012

Royal Snacks, Sindhi Muslim

Royal Ice and Spice is a restaurant located right opposite the Bundoo Khan and Roasters outlets on main Sindhi Muslim. 

It is situated right next to Hyder's
You can clearly see the windows of the dining area on the first floor of Royal in this shot.

This review is pretty late, because we have been eating here for a few years, mostly while parked in the car in front of the eatery, which made it difficult to photograph the food.

Royal offers a variety of popular food, including Chinese, at affordable rates.
The portion size is extremely good value for money.

For rolls, I would recommend you stick to the popular joints in Defence/Clifton. I had a kabab roll once at Royal, and did not find it up to the mark.

Besides Chinese, barbecue, shawarma, soup, fried chicken (known better locally as "broast"), chaat/pani puri and rolls, Royal also offers ice cream, fresh juices and shakes that are actually quite delicious.

I have tried their cold coffee too, and liked it.

We mostly go for the deals at Royal.

You can see that the prices are - especially for Karachi dwellers living in the so-called "posh" areas -  to die for. The taste and quality of food at Royal is so good.

Chicken Burger, Rs 120.

Deal 2: Chicken Crispy Burger, Crispy Chicken Piece and French Fries, for Rs 205.
A soft drink came with this too.

Deal 7: Chicken Reshmi Kababs, puri paratha's and a soft drink - for only Rs 150.
Whenever I order this, I have to get 2 leftover kababs packed to be taken home, since the portion size is so ample.

One more shot of the food, with camera flash. :)

Verdict: I really like eating at Royal Snacks, even if we have to usually do that in the car, like most other families that park themselves in their cars in front of the eatery to dine there at night. Royal Snacks has a sitting area for families on the upper floor, and a more cramped one on the ground floor. The service done by waiters to the diners seated outside in their cars is quick and efficient.