Sunday, December 9, 2012

Karachi Broast, Clifton

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَـنِ الرَّحِيمِ

 To date, the English dictionary does not contain the word "broast".
This name for the local culinary dish seems to be solely a Pakistani invention, coined to identify this quintessential deep-fried chicken that has been served in the region since the past 3 decades.

Located in the area opposite Bilawal house (just before Jade Garden and Usmania Restaurant), eating at this Clifton outlet of Karachi Broast brings back childhood memories. 
I sat right here a little over 2 decades ago, eating chicken broast; enjoying the crispy, oily, fried 'skin' part of it the most! 
As kids, we'd peel off the crispy covering of the broast and devour it first, before the inner flesh cooled down enough for us to be able break it off with our fingers.

Since then, the outlet has improved a lot, although there was a time during the late 1990's when it was decidedly bigger than it is now.

Eww...not all aspects of the surroundings are nice, though. 
This Karachi Broast outlet unfortunately overlooks a mini-lake of leaked sewage and strewn plastic-bag-infested dump of trash.
No kidding, this enormous civil-engineering-fail has been around for years now!

The outdoor seating arrangement is quite decent, although the view that it imparts of the sewage - not quite so.

The logo of KB on the wall.
The owners obviously seem to have invested in the inner decor.

The indoor furniture is wooden, as are some of the fittings. I like! :)

The wall on one side is made of brick.

 Quarter Broast costs Rs 175
Wonder what a "Flying Saucer" is?

Now, sandwiches, burgers and Chinese food are also available at Karachi Broast. We have never tried them, though.  We come here just to enjoy the vintage taste of classic Chicken Broast!

Karahi and BBQ items are also available, at market rates.

These dips/sauces accompany one serving of Quarter Broast. Rather generous, eh?
I love the garlic dip (I turn into my 10-year-old self when I have this dip - the girl who'd ask for an extra serving of it whenever she had her broast here, over 20 years ago). :)

Leg piece of Quarter Broast.
A generous helping of French Fries and half a bun accompany it.
Whenever we have had broast here, it has been served piping hot, right out of the fryer!


Plain Fries for the kiddies, for Rs 90. Portion size was really good. 

 All in all, a "finger-lickin' good" meal, which is also easy on the pocket (though not on the arteries - please have broast infrequently, especially if you are over 40!).

 Verdict: Few do broast like Karachi Broast! It still tastes the same as it did decades ago. Some old habits really do die hard. Visit Karachi Broast if you want to be transported back to the late 1980's while devouring the steaming hot, extremely tender chicken crusted by its own skin fried to a crisp!


  1. you are right, a trip down the memory lane. nice menu shots as usual. or woh cow wali tasweer is icing on the cake, just add the text "eat mor chikin". love it. lekin quite frankly i dont agree with your version of the origins of broast. but it's alright. we can agree to disagree.
    zabardast review!

  2. The money you has been blessed with is from Allah. It does not belong to you. You will have to answer to Him how you spend it on Judgement day. How do you justify spending R90 on 1/2 potato for your kid when there is a child sleeping hungary likely within 1/2 mile from where you live? Please stop posting these blogs as these do nothig more than show off your weatlh and ask Allah for forgiveness. Please read Surah Al-Humazah translation/tafseer.
    May Allah show you the right path.

    1. Ameen!

      I truly appreciate your reminding me to fear Allah. I truly do. In fact, I think it is high time some visitor on this blog pointed out to everyone in public how much money I am spending on food.

      Do you live in the city from where you skimmed my blog posts here first, then decided to remind me to fear Allah and not "show off my wealth", i.e. Scarborough, Ontario, Canada? If you do, do you enjoy paying (or your parents paying) hefty taxes, which are taken off as big chunks from the income earned through their hard toil, to a non-Muslim government, knowing that they go towards strengthening its economy, while the rest of the developing nations in the world housing majority of the Muslim ummah struggle, bleed and burn? And do you pay a regular payment of riba on your mortgaged dwelling? Or do you choose the more “extravagant” way out, and live on rent?

      Right, its none of my business! :)

      Whether someone’s expenditure classifies as extravagance or not depends on how much wealth they possess. And that is for Allah to know and judge. The money I pay for “half a potato” for my child is still less than the cost of one cup of coffee where you live (at least according to the foreign exchange rate).

      In the developing nation where we reside, most people below the age of 50-60, including the lower working classes, regularly eat out for entertainment and leisure, and appreciate knowing in advance how much an eatery will cut them back per visit. That is why I post the details of the food bills and prices on this blog, not that I owe you an explanation when Allah the All-Knower is aware of not just my intentions, but also my whole budget and other expenditures, including what I give in charity.

      I find it interesting that you linked to a Bayyinah video. I know how much this organization charges its students to teach knowledge of the Deen of Islam to them via its courses, and how much it pays to post its ads for these courses on major Muslim websites.

      However, I will not do what you did: judge them for what I deem to be “a waste of wealth”!

      May Allah grant us all guidance to the Right Path. Ameen.

      And may He reward you for posting your beneficial reminder, and the link to an explanation of a chapter from Allah’s Glorious Book.

  3. I humbly ask you to forgive me as I have offended you. It was not my intention as Allah is the All Knower. I do not dare judge you as Allah is the only Judge as He no doubt knows what is in our hearts.
    There are people going hungry all over this world regardless of geography. Display of wealth is prohibited regardless of geography for reasons you are well aware off (since you are an intellegent teacher and writer a most noble and respectful profession) and you should consider stoping this wrong action. I can not stop anyone from spending wealth as they see fit remembering that wealth belongs to Allah and they will no doubt answer to Allah. But I am going to humbly ask people to not show the world (after all the World Wide Web does reaches the world) how they can and do afford to spend R150 on a peice of potato. This display adds to the pain and suffering of billions of poor who are not able to afford R150 on a meal for their entire family. People at Bayyinah will have to answer for their actions as well as you and I will have to answer for our actions. May Allah give me strength to stay away from wrong deeds and do right and give me strength to persude others away from wrong deeds. Finally, I write these posts so that people who read these can bear witness on Judgement day that I did my best to persuade people away from wrong. I you choose to continue showing off your wealth than may Allah forgive you as He is the Most Mercifull. I ask you to read or listen to explanation/tafseer of Surah Al-Asr from a source of your choosing.
    إِنَّ الْإِنسَانَ لَفِي خُسْرٍ
    إِلَّا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا وَعَمِلُوا الصَّالِحَاتِ وَتَوَاصَوْا بِالْحَقِّ وَتَوَاصَوْا بِالصَّبْرِ
    By time,
    Indeed, mankind is in loss,
    Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience.

  4. Dear Mr. /Ms. Nasih (Muzakkir),
    I am appalled by your holier than thou attitude. You have done a very rude and jahil harkat by quoting the glorious words out of context, shame on your ill-mannered behavior. Only if you kept it in your heart, none would have known, but the stench of your arrogance on WWW. ya rabbi istaeez bika min shar-il-juhula wal naqis-ul-aqal fil-alam al-web wama baynahuma. ameen.
    Next time when you sip, be it lipton or tapal danaydar tea or mashroob-e-mashriq rooh afzah, please exclude any amounts and traces of sugar from it, kyoon kay mairi naik or pakeezah nighahon main yeh aik fazool kharchi hay. You can get by without the sugar, and send the money to sugar less bachay of gondor in the middle earth. Imagine how much money we will collect as a nation to donate to one of your manpasand charitable organizations. But seriously all kidding aside, contemplating on your thought and soul provoking Naseehah I have come to a conclusion that rooh afzah and tea should be without milk as well. How can we have tea and sharbat-e-gulab with milk whilst poor suffers. This is Israf (wasting). No Milk! Tou phir garam karnay ki kia zaroorat hay, aisay he pee laingay.
    How can you spend so much money on Ittar and sandal wood and agar batti. That’s a waste too. You need to quit smelling good. and how bout them clothes that you wear. Do you know the kapray-less folks in Ungunbala? So I think jo kapray aap ne tan-zaib kiye huay hain woh aik fazool kharchi hay. Towliye kafi hain lapaitnay ko. Main aap ko sirf yaad dila raha hoon ke aap bohot barbadi or waste ker rahay hain.
    Baray-meherbani anpni lazee but se uthiye, or yoo-tube per Mufti Yahoo ko daikhna band kijiye. Or fori tor per kisi aalim-e-din se mohallay ki masjid me rabta kijiye. Agar khuda ne chaha tou Yeh aap ke zahan ki nasho-numa ke liye bayhad mufeed sabit ho ga.
    Yahdeek allah !
    Note: agar aap ko mairi bakwas samjh nahi ayee, tou aap khuda se apne liye aik nayee soch ki talab kerain, kyoonkay zuban mairee badalnay ki nahi hay.

    1. Deriding Islam or part of it is a major disbelief. Allah (Glorified be He) says, Say: "Was it at Allâh (عز وجل), and His Ayât (proofs, evidence, verses, lessons, signs, revelations) and His Messenger (صلى الله عليه وسلم) that you were mocking?" Make no excuse; you disbelieved after you had believed. (Surah Al-Tawbah 9:65).

    2. Tumhain sharam nahi aati? Phir aagaye tang karnay ko. Tumharay fatway tum per bhi nahi chalain gay (deep baat) (plz ghor farmaiye).
      Dramay baaaz kaheen ka!
      Mehar Bukhari ne aap jaisay logon ke liye bilkul sahi farmaya hay “umr dekh, te galan wekh”.
      Here forth I will try my best to trans/late/literate & elaborate my urdu commentary above. [for reasons unknown ‘literate’ was removed]
      English version: Tumahin sharam nahi aati? Phir aa gaye tang kernay ko.
      Whoever replies or posts another comment to this string is Dheet and bayghairat . =)

  5. A flying saucer is a grilled sandwich, made with a sandwich press which you heat over a flame... filling can be whatever you like -- see the link below!

    I enjoy reading your blog :)

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    I suggest you switch to Wordpress and start your own platform and use the same idea.

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    'Broast' is an American word. You would not find it in British English dictionaries.