Thursday, April 19, 2012

Koel Cafe, Block 4, Clifton

It is always interesting when a cafe is combined with some other business at the same venue or location. 
Cafe Koel (pronounced Ko Yull) is one such venture. 
It is a designer clothing boutique, art gallery/exhibition venue and a cafe, all rolled into one.

This cafe is located in Clifton Block 4, on one of the wide double roads off main 26th Street.
As the architecture of the cafe shows, it has the prominent names of some of the alumni of The Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture associated with it.

I went here with a friend at night. However, I have been told that the best time to visit this cafe is during the day, when the sunbeams seeping in through the leaves of the trees in the main, open-air courtyard give the whole ambiance a magical aura.

The entrance doors are intricately carved, antique in look and texture.
The indoor plants, small artificial water bodies, and shrubbery do indeed lend a soothing aura to the place, making it seem very peaceful and relaxing as soon as one steps inside.

This is the indoor, covered seating area of the cafe.

Click here to view the entire menu at Koel Cafe on 
They also have a Facebook group/page.

Pesto Pasta with Herbed Grilled Chicken - Rs 445
I found the pesto sauce too thin and runny, but the grilled chicken was done to my liking - in fact, slightly well-done as you can see.

Shikanjabeen for Rs 165
This chilled drink is the perfect treat for a hot summer afternoon!

 Enthused with mint and crushed ice, the greenish lemon drink was one amazing refresher!
I have heard it is one of the most popular drinks at this cafe.

Chicken Steak for Rs 550. 
This was that night's special; I don't know if it is part of their everyday menu or not.
On a bed of spiced, grilled veggies that looked like courgettes (that is what my friend said, as she was the one who had it), lay 2 grilled fillets of chicken, topped with mashed potatoes.

Lassi - Rs 95

Verdict: I really liked the soothing and peaceful ambiance of Koel, and the quality of the food and drinks was well above average. The only thing not worth writing home about, in my opinion, was the portion/serving size.

I look forward to visiting it again some time, this time during the day, insha'Allah


  1. wow karachi walon key mazay hain!
    i think portion looks appropraite in the pasta dish, laikin woh chicken steak dinner has that lambee mustateel plate, gives that empty plate feeling, but nice nonetheless.
    woh patay kia hain in the dessert plate? laurel leaves?

  2. hmmm, i dont think i would ever order that steak. its not enough and there are more veggies than the meat itself. they didnt even offer bread with it. its too pricey for 550.

  3. You should have tried their Banoffee pie!! Mmmmmmmm... I still remember how delicious it was. :)

  4. Chicken steak in particular is definitely a smaller portion than it should be considering its price tag. You guys should try out the lunch offers of Cafe Blue Ginger or Olivetto. Both currently have a 3 course lunch priced at around Rs 750 or so, which seems like a reasonable deal. Cafe Blue Ginger is also owned by Zubeida Tariq's son and apparently features some of her Hyderabadi recipes. So I would suggest that you should consider giving it a try. Don't forget to share with us your experience by blogging about it!

  5. Also, may I recommend Kabab-ji at Sheraton for some fine Lebanese food? It has a dinner buffet on Wednesdays for 1400 + tax, which is not cheap at all but if you like Middle Eastern food then I would say the splurge is worth it for a special event or something.

  6. @Hum Thank you for your suggestions; will keep them in mind. Cafe Blue Ginger is definitely on my agenda for a future review. And yeah we do sometimes splurge on buffets on special celebratory occasions, considering them "mini vacations", so to speak, for want of a better term.

  7. Very slow service and watch out for mosquitos.

  8. We are planning to go there with our office staff, can we arrange their corporate dinner along some activities? Please guide us