Thursday, November 3, 2011

Jeddah Food Centre, Clifton

Jeddah Food Centre is located next to the famous Motta's Supermarket in Clifton, near Schon Circle, right at the beginning of the Boat Basin strip.

Their main offerings are Chicken Biryani, Chicken Shawarma, Shami Kababs, Kheer and ice cream.

Jeddah Food Centre has been around since at least more than a decade, as far as I can remember.

A few meters down, a kiosk offers Jeddah ice cream. This outlet is operated by the brother of the owner of Jeddah Food Centre. They have some great flavors at very economical prices.

A single plate of Chicken Biryani, Rs 100

A teeny bit on the spicy side (just as we Pakistanis love it), Chicken Biryani doesn't get any better than this. The serving is huge and the price is lower than what you'd pay for a single plate of the dish anywhere else in the vicinity.

Plus, they always give a half-potato in the plate, unlike other eateries that think nothing of conveniently skipping the potato.

This plate of biryani also comes accompanied by a large sachet of green raita at no extra charge. Beat that?!

If you'd like to have a Beef Shami Kabab with your biryani, they are also available, priced at just Rs 10 each.

Chicken Shawarma, for Rs 90
Its always soft, fresh and oozing with juices from the chicken and vegetables inside. 

A cup of Peshawari ice cream, priced at Rs 55 (only).

Traditional ice cream at a great price, with the quantity enough for two - in my opinion!

Verdict: Jeddah Food Centre has been doing successful business for years. If you do not mind eating in your car, you'd love having their food. Their waiter-boys serve you eagerly.
Jeddah Food Centre also provides daigs (large pots) of their biryani for events.