Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pizza Kinng, Badar Commercial, Phase 5, Defence

Pizza Kinng is the latest addition to the list of restaurants inhabiting the double road passing between Daily Dubai Restaurant and KFC i.e. actually between 26th street and Saba Avenue in Defence phase 5.

The outlet is on the first floor, with a play area for children in its centre.

The outlet is clean and spacious. The high-backed wooden benches were quite uncomfortable though.

The regular menu at Pizza Kinng

The deals on offer nowadays.

We decided to go for this one.

 The salad was fresh. However, at just 9 p.m at night, the containers at the salad bar were a bit empty. They could have refilled them, considering how we were scraping the different components of the salad off the bottoms of the vessels.

Garlic Bread - one has a bite taken off by a kid of mine. It wasn't served like that.  :)

Chicken Tikka personal pan pizza deal, with one soft drink - Rs 150.
It was thin crust by default, and tasted great!

Chicken Pepperoni Pizza - regular.
This was really mildly spiced, having no veggies; only sliced pepperoni and generous amounts of melted cheddar cheese. It was a hit with the children but we liked it a lot too.

Kinng's Supremo Pizza - it was alright. The Supreme Pizza at Pizza Hut is much better, in my opinion.

This was our bill for a very filling and good meal. You can't beat the prices. Much more economical than Pizza Hut.

I think Pizza Kinng is a good alternative if you're in the mood for some simple pizza.