Saturday, July 30, 2011

Waheed Kabab House, Burns Road

Waheed Kebab House located on a side lane just off main Burns Road needs no formal introduction. It is very famous for its "fry kebabs".

If you want to get to Waheed from main Burns Road, turn left into the lane that has this shop on its corner.

There it is - on the broken, uneven road, amid all the pedestrian crowds, traffic, smog, overflowing sewers and open-air vendors selling fried fish, amrati, and french fries. Can't miss it. :)

They do not have hand-held menus, just a rate list placed strategically on the wall. Here it is in Urdu. Topping the list: a variety of Nihari's.

Then come the kebabs and other meaty fare. 

The same rate list is printed prominently on another placard, this time in English.

The prices are fairly reasonable.

 The main dining hall downstairs.

The relatively more private and small "family hall" upstairs.

It was fairly clean, very similar to the upstairs portion at Cafe Chullu Subhani.

Chicken Kebab plate, Rs 130.

The Fry Kebabs that Waheed is very famous for, priced also at Rs 130 per plate.

Succulent puri paratha, served piping hot.

Complimentary green chutney and chopped red onions.

Roti or chapati is also available as the more healthy choice.

The Fry Kebabs are made of beef mince, fried in butter, not ghee, as the waiter confirmed.
They were out of this world! 
The owner confirmed that this is the item most ordered by diners at Waheed.

The regular Chicken Kebabs were also tender and mildly spiced.

Incidentally, on the main crossing on Burns Road where you turn left to reach Waheed Kebab House, lies Delhi Rabri House, a vintage dessert place very famous for its timeless Rabri.

For those who have a penchant for traditional Pakistani/Indian desserts, Delhi Rabri House is a heaven!
They offer timeless classic desi delights such as kulfi falooda, ras malai, gulab jaman'sdoodh dulari (whatever that is), kheer, shahi tukray, gajar ka halwa, and even Rabri ice cream!

If you peer closely enough, perhaps you can read the Urdu menu printed on the placard pictured above. 

My significant other went in to get Rabri,  but decided to have a plate of Shahi Tukray topped with rabri instead. This plate cost Rs 60.

Sheer indulgence! This stuff is not just sweet, but also rich.

This cup-full of Rabri ice cream - a relatively newer offering - priced at Rs 50, was definitely one of the best ice creams I have ever had! There were bits of khoya in it that made the brownish delicacy even more enjoyable.

Burns Road seems to be attracting investors with the passage time. This building houses a Food Centre, smack in the middle of the main road, and has an air-conditioned, more elegant interior and ambiance, while most of the vintage restaurants retain their traditional flavor as well as look.

I have heard stories of how some Pakistani's settled abroad since decades go directly to Burns Road for a bite to eat as soon as they set foot into their cars at the airport. Now I know why.

Waheed is a must-try, particularly if you like kebabs or nihari
Try to have a light breakfast and lunch on the day you plan on visiting it though, because you just might be really tempted to pop in for some traditional desserts at the inviting restaurants right across the road after you are done with dinner!


  1. I absolutely LOVE your posts. Your write up and photography is fantastic. If you were here in Islamabad,I would have have been saved from a lot of baaad restaurants.

  2. I went thru your blog in few hours and I absolutely love it. Please write more! :)

  3. Hey, you are back! I am so happy. Waitng for more reviews.

  4. Salamualaikum dear Sis., Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family! And oh my god, what a joyful surprise to see you back. And not just that, believe me i was wondering who can i ask to go to "waheed", yes, waheed and capture some epicurean moments. Lo and behold, you comeback with "waheed" in your basket. superb! there is one more person from karachi who's food shots are absolutley amazing. but i give you the credit of posting the one and only authentic dhaga kabab photo on the web. i mean legible photo, matlab k saaf or clear, center main with good close up. the rest dhaga kababs photos are more like a dhaba (stain) kabab photo. Photos daikh k dil chahta hay k karachi main bus abhi jump mar doon. God Bless karachi!

  5. Shahi Tukra ! ! ! ! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (jan lay li). excellent pics overall. unique angles, subjects and perspective, gives a good surround sense.

  6. I didn't know this blog was so keenly followed. Thank you all for your appreciative comments.
    Wa alaikum ussalam Anonymous #2. Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family as well. Jazak Allahu khair for your enthusiasm. My camera is a simple Olympus C25...I don't know how the shots come out so great, especially since I usually take photos in a hurry in order to be discreet and because my jumpy kids are always around me trying to see the photo I took.
    Allah is the source of all good. :)

  7. I can imagine the Fry kebabs fried in butter (yum!) must be delish. The dish looks a bit rich to me though but enjoyed once in a while in moderate quantities should do no harm.

  8. Ramadan Mubarak Sis! Thanks for writing another sumptuous post, really made me feel 'roza' :P

  9. Thank you for reviving the blog once again. :)

    Great photos and review as always.

  10. hey S. Farooqi i really like ur idea of these blogs ... i check ur reviews every now and then ...have selected several outlets based on ur review. good work really appreciate !!

  11. I hope you are planning to visit Port Grand soon. Would love to see some pictures of it and read about your take on whether all the hype is justified!

  12. Cool review. Shahi tookray topped with rabri sounds so delicious.

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  14. as i said before, i like to surf the food blogs and photos. so i dived in the ocean of net looking for this mysterious FRY KEBABs (which looks more like a bhuna hua salan in dahi without the precursor onion bhagar) so i can imitate the looks (omg ... too hard to conjure up the taste in mind like Remy did in ratatouille).
    i think someone took your photos, your words and your work without any credits to your blog. Cheater Kaheen Ka!
    his e-mail:
    if it is with your consent. then disregard my rambling.
    ciao bella

  15. Thank you for informing me!
    It is a world of plagiarism, indeed, nowadays. :-/

  16. I think this one is yours too (Chatkharay).
    This bugger has no sharam. Dheet kaheenka, naqal pe naqal kiye chalay jaa raha hay!

  17. became your blog's fan the moment i first saw it. amazing effort. i have posted your blog on my facebook account, so hopefully more readers will come pouring in.
    love the effort that you have made so far. dont stop "for the love of food"

    Assalam U Alaikum
    dear People this is Official Waheed's facebook page visit it for more comments

  19. Assalam U Alaikum
    S. Farooqi
    thanks alot for making this blog and posting our resturant pictures with so much concentration and I am thankfull to all the poeples who commented on this blog...

  20. Lovely blog! I'm from Lahore and was looking for some of the hidden treasures, which you have now pointed me towards. :)