Monday, March 28, 2011

Sheikh Abdul Ghaffar Kabab House, near Tariq Road

Sheikh Abdul Ghaffar Kabab House is beginning to gain more and more recognition and respect in the Karachi eating-out 'hall of fame'.

Recommended to me by someone in my family whose friends took them out to try this place, I decided to one day act upon their repeated requests to try it out at least once.

 Boasting a loyal clientele that it has garnered solely by the virtue of word-of-mouth, having no other major marketing strategy, "SAG" is located in a quiet side lane near Tariq Road, just a bit off the main signal crossing on which the prominent Naheed Supermarket is located:

There is a huge masjid right next to this obscurely situated, multistory kabab house, called Riyaz Masjid. This means you have the choice to pop in next door to pray if the isha salah happens to start while you wait for your dinner to arrive at your table.

A long queue of customers with takeaway orders is visible on the street downstairs.

Yummy meats being prepared live under the open sky.

Scrumptious but fattening: piping hot, deep-fried puri paratha's being taken out of the wok.

A dark doorway amid the outdoor barbecue stations beckons families who want to dine in.

This is one side of the first floor, where families opt to sit. Ground floor is reserved for men-only groups of diners.

The staircase leading upstairs.

This is our favorite floor: the spacious, open-air rooftop floor, reserved only for families.

This floor is the most airy and spacious.

The entire menu is visible on a wall placard in the middle of the floor.
I was thrilled to find on offer, for once, dhaga kababs made of mutton! This is because I am not a huge fan of beef.

The simple but holistic barbecue menu. The prices are extremely reasonable!

Green chutney and raw onion salad. The chutney was very mild.

Chicken Reshmi Kababs - Rs 160

Mutton dhaga kababs - Rs 180

Beef Bihari boti - Rs 120

Puri paratha's - Rs 30 per (4-quarter) piece

Zafrani Kheer - Rs 30

Suji Halwa - Rs 25

The whole bill. No taxes. Can you believe it? The portions were so generous that we had to get one seekh of Chicken rehsmi kababs and one seekh of Mutton dhaga kababs packed to be taken home.

Verdict: Barbecue doesn't get any better than this. Really, Abdul Ghaffar Kabab house is akin to Bundoo Khan in its impeccable flavor and quality of food.  Each and everything we ordered, including the desi desserts, were absolutely out of this world!

If you haven't yet visited this place, I would say that you must, because you obviously have no idea what you're missing. :) I know that most Pakistani's living abroad would kill to have a meal like this even once a year!

Please click here to view the location of Abdul Ghaffar Kabab House on Google Maps.


  1. Beautiful Street Pics. Masjid ki tasweer bhi achi hay. karachi ki gullyian yaad aa gayeen. Naheed ka outside shot bhi, door se liya hay, bohat acha. karachi itna yaad aya ke khanay ki photos ko daikhnay ka mood hi nahi raha. =(

  2. aoa wr wb :)
    mouth watering - havent had dinner- didnt know abt this place though i do know quite a lot in khi. jk for the intro and pictures

  3. I've had dinner from this place twice....loved the Chicken malai boti, dhaga kabab and behari boti. All were awesome!! You have depicted a true picture of SAG. Now planning to go there someday again iA! Love your blogs mA!! :)

  4. ! mouth watering:)
    Your description is so detailed and positive that will inshAllah visit this place once i get back home -my fav. Karachi.
    i bet there is no desi returant in Boston that serves so good yet reasonable food as SAG!
    missing our food !

  5. absolutely love this place.... the food is as amazing as it looks!

  6. Ahlan!

    Visited this place recently ... Probably my favourite BBQ place in the town right now!

  7. Chalo ji qissa mukhtasir another month went by with no photos! kabhi kabhi waqai soch main per jata hoon, kay, karachi main bahir nikalna mushkil hay kia? Hope all is good at your end!
    laikin karachi kay logon ko yeh choti choti baatain tang nahi kerti.

  8. What happened now? Out of cash? :)

  9. Great review - mashaAllah. Keep writing.

  10. Wow, no taxes!

    I guess not charging taxes is better and more honest than charging it from customers and then not paying it to the government (who knows how many businesses in Pakistan are guilty of that?) but come on Ghaffar Sahib, you can do better than that!

    Honestly, Shaikh Abdul Ghaffar Kabaob house might have had a humble beginning but in circa 2011 it is not really a hole in the wall, catering to the downtrodden.

    Many of us like to lampoon our politicians for "corruption" but can we pretend to be honest, saaf safaash i.e. scrupulous ourselves? No wonder Pakistan is in such a mess. The oft-repeated criticism that we get to hear in the international media these days seems quite valid that American and other tax-payers are subsidizing the lifestyle of Pakistani elite through billions of dollar in aid to Pakistan while the Pakistani elite and businesspeople do not bother paying taxes and otherwise taking care of their country. By elite, I am not talking about the average salaried normal folks like you and me, whose income taxes get deducted from their salaries. Pakitan cannot really prosper unless the well-to-do like those who own Sheikh Abdul Ghaffar Kabab House or other businesses take greater responsibility.

  11. waheed kabab house....reminds me of ramadan...every year my uncle brings these fried kabab parceled...n we have it in sehri with home made parathas...i usually avoid these kind of things bt my brothers love it....their sehri is incomplete without waheed's fried kababs..:D

    thanks for the post...i really like it....:)

  12. I am very pleased to see all the reviews about the places. Its been about 6 years since I left Karachi and shocked to see the prices. It is extrem level of inflation, people who earn close to minimum wage( which is I believe is RS. 10,000 ) can't even think about eating out. May Allah help the people of this country.
    Anyways, Mrs. Farooqi looks like you are not a big fan of sindhi biryani since I haven't seen any review about any biryani place. When I was in Karachi my favorite place was Primer Biryani on Rashid manhas road near Johar morde.

    Thank for all the reviews. At least I what are the new places to try when I visit Karachi.

  13. they have opened a branch in Port Grand and its good too..plz give review on Port Grand food street as well, i herd that charges of new branch is 50% higher than old one.

  14. Yesterday, I ate at Ghaffar Kabab House at Port Grand. OMG!!! the prices are exorbitantly high. Chicken Boti and Kabab were 480 and 490 each. The normal paratha is of Rs. 60 and Plain Naan for Rs 30/- Beef Gola Kabab and beef dhaga Kabab is Rs 280 each

  15. I tried green chicken & a plate of chicken bar bq .. it was DAMN AWSOME .. Next time beef behari on top of the list .. those who have not tried yet .. a place to go with out any doubt in ur mind and I AM SERIOUS

  16. Your Port Grand's Branch's rates are same as bahadurabad's branch or not?

  17. Nice contribution, keep posting reviews of places suitable for family outings...