Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ginoginelles, Khayaban-e-Mujahid, Phase 5, Defence

Update: This eatery has closed down and no longer exists on this location.

Ginoginelles is not an unknown name in the food takeaway and delivery scene of Karachi.
In fact, I think this company is one of the pioneers in food delivery, having been around since years and years.

Their Defence outlet is situated on main Khayaban-e-Mujahid near the old "Deltons"/Khadda Market area, just before you descend the slope in front of a huge masjid on the left.

The ground floor is reserved for takeaway and delivery.

Recently, Ginoginelles has also started a dine-in restaurant on the floor above, much to the joy of its regular customers who have been using its food delivery - particularly pizza and Chinese food - since many years (such as yours truly).

A carpeted staircase leads to the floor upstairs.

A beautiful chandelier lights up the stairs.

The interior is done in deep brown/mahogany hues. Very quaint.

The dim lighting and red brick walls give the place a cozy look, but the tables are placed relatively apart, i.e. without compromising on the diners' privacy by throwing them too close together.

There is a separate room behind those windows on the left that can be reserved in advance.

This room has - you guessed it - a wall-mounted plasma television to view those oh-so-not-to-be-missed (yawn) cricket matches nowadays.

This room can be booked in advance specifically for match-viewing over coffee.
While we were there, we saw some customers just saunter inside, make themselves comfortable, and start watching. 
I really appreciate the fact that our local restaurants respect the presence of families with children by always restricting their television content to sports. Credit should be given where its due!

A bar is also present to prepare (halal) drinks.

Main Khayaban-e-Mujahid is visible from the windows.

The street downstairs that is at a right angle to the main Khayaban. This is the same street that has Sindh Sweets - a branch of Sohny Sweets - on its other end.

The restaurant's dine-in menu.
Good news: these prices are inclusive of taxes.
For their separate, elaborate delivery and takeaway menu, which also includes deals, please click here (you'll be taken to their own website).

On the left, you can see the elaborate pizza menu. Ginoginelles was originally a hard-line pizza place specializing in Italian food.

Mocktails - perhaps since we can't call them cocktails here in a Muslim-majority country, these are 'exotic' drinks other than the usual soft drinks that are offered.

Top left, some new additions to the menu are visible, and on the bottom, the usual drinks available.
The prices are quite unbeatable for a place that offers the same ambiance as the other expensive cafes in the vicinity.

Garlic Bread with Cheese - Rs 100

The slices were larger and the cheese quantity on them was more ample than the garlic bread I have had at e.g. Arizona Grill or Copper Kettle.

Regular fries - Rs 80.

Chicken Lasagne - Rs 380.
This was delicious - hot from the oven, creamy and oozing with cheese and white sauce.

Pina Colada - Rs 130

I liked how a regular coke, priced at Rs 35, was served in a tall glass.
Compare this to the other places.

The bill came in this quaint little wooden chest.
Unique! :)

The bill stuffed inside the mock treasure chest.

The bill came to Rs 805!

Verdict: Well, we had fun. I would highly recommend this place to anyone, not just for the overall nice experience we had, but also because the staff (the manager as well as the few waiters) were polite and prompt in fulfilling our requests.

At the end of the day, what matters most at a restaurant is that the food and drink are good value for money. 

We hope that Ginoginelles is able to sustain its loyal clientele by maintaining the quality and quantity of the food on offer, without increasing their prices. 

Soups, burgers, sandwiches, Chinese food, pizza, Italian entrees and a variety of local cuisine such as biryani and karhai are all offered at this restaurant. 

The manager, when asked, reassured us that they will be starting desserts and coffees very soon as well.


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