Monday, January 17, 2011

Jan's Broast, Clifton

I have memories of eating fried chicken during my childhood at the extremely crowded Jan's Broast outlet in main Saddar, Karachi.

Clifton now also has a big, brightly lit outlet of Jan's Broast near Hanging Gardens Apartments.

Lots of light bulbs adorn this eatery at night.
I think this extravagant usage of electricity is preposterous, considering the grave energy crisis in our city.

The restaurant has self-service like KFC/McDonald's.

The menu comprises of fast food and barbecue items, with chicken broast ruling the roost. If you peer closely at the above picture, you'll be able to read the items.
Their fried fish is actually quite good.

This outlet is airy and spacious.

This branch of Jan's also has a family-only room next to the staircase on one side. 

This is the outdoor seating area, situated under the canopy of light bulbs.

Club Sandwich for Rs 150

French Fries

This was a peculiar item. Called Grilled Chicken Vegi Steak, at first it looked mysteriously like half of a Chicken Tikka.
When I tore off the upper pieces of barbecued chicken, the inside unleashed steamed potatoes and peas. Interesting. If only the chicken had been grilled as stated, and not barbecued, it would have been quite perfect.
Its price was Rs 215.

Puri paratha's

Verdict: Jan's is a popular outlet that does thriving business. Broast is its prime offering. The rates are quite reasonable.


  1. Thanks for the amazing work on this blog, as a fellow foodie. I really appreciate the work that you've done, detailed discriptions + pictures.

    Keep up the good work!!

    You might wanna try Zameer Ansari kabab's malai boti on Alamgir road + lacchay daar paratha available from a pathan hotel right next to them. Hands down best desi bbq that i've had.

  2. is there a proper blog for food places in karachi? i have been looking for it forever. but cant seem to find any. i like to eat at different places and i do go out a lot. i wish i could read other people's point of views.

  3. @Mash - Thank you for the suggestion. I recently tried the lachchay daar paratha's of Quetta Hotel and I agree: they are so awesome!

    @Anonymouse - This is the reason I started this blog.
    You can visit the following links:

  4. if someone really wants to try out some really amazing broast, try out "kundan broast" at karsaz next to gelato affair.

  5. I LOVe Jans Broast