Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Snack Attack, Khalid Bin Waleed Road

Near the signal at the cross-section of Khalid Bin Waleed Road and Shahrah-e-Quaideen, a new eatery called Snack Attack has recently been inaugurated.

It is an outlet offering sandwiches, burgers, pizzas and the usual fast food at reasonable rates. 

They do not have walls around the place. It is "open". 

Obviously, a big juicy burger is what they are primarily offering.
The menu includes Fried Chicken as well. 

The eatery is very family friendly.

The color theme is red, yellow and white.

The "Espetada" - a unique dish hitherto offered only at Nando's (as far as I know) - is also available here for Rs 265. (If you want to know what Espetada is, just do a Google image search)
They also offer Peri Peri Chicken like Nando's.

A simple sandwich meal costs less than Rs 200.

French Fries for Rs. 65

A Pepperoni Punch pan pizza for Rs 185. Its base was slightly burned.
On our request, the waiter immediately offered to replace it with a fresh one, which took 20 more minutes.

The other pizza that came in place of the first one. It was pretty good.

Chicken Steak Sandwich for Rs 165 (a drink also came with it).

Verdict: Snack Attack seems promising, although when we went to eat here, the outlet had just opened, hence the service was a bit lacking (i.e. quite chaotic). I overheard another family complain about the fried chicken being too tough.

However, the food quality is quite above average. So if you're in the vicinity, desiring some fresh, hot, fast food to quickly satisfy your hunger, do drop in at Snack Attack for a quick and filling bite.


Since my last review, Snack Attack has increased the prices on their menu. We paid them another visit, and saw that they are doing bustling business now, masha'Allah.

Pictured below is their new menu:

Burgers and sandwiches

Portuguese menu - the kind available at Nando's.
I'm glad at least one local eatery is giving Nando's a run for their money. :)

Broast, fish 'n chips and pizzas.
Prices fall within the reasonable range. Any meal available for less than Rs 200 in a comfortable, restaurant setting is a blessing nowadays.

The whole menu.

Peri Peri Chicken - Rs 245
This is a quarter chicken piece grilled in the well-known "peri peri sauce", served with garlic rice, French fries and sauteed vegetables.
It was really good! Saved the guilt trip as it was healthy eating.

Mushroom Swiss Chicken Burger - Rs 165.
The crumbed, fried chicken fillet inside the burger was very succulent, oozing the sauce that was atop, and mildly spiced; it was served with garlic dip and fries.
Not healthy eating by a mile, but it sure did taste good! :)

Quarter Broast Chicken - Rs 180

Here is the contact number and address of Snack Attack.

They have directions printed on their flier as well.

Snack Attack also does free home deliveries. So, go ahead and give it a try, and let us know in the comments how you found the food to be.