Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Karahi Inn, Block 2, Clifton

Whenever we would pass by an outdoor, open air restaurant called Karahi Inn in Clifton block 2, we'd say to each other, "One day we should dine here on one of their baithaks". A baithak is basically a تخت, as known in Urdu, or a carpet-covered settee on which you can recline with oblong cushions to support you from behind.

Now that the weather is chilly, we decided to dine here alfresco, especially on the children's request. 

Karahi Inn is located opposite some famous, decades-old Clifton eateries, such as Karachi Broast
The blue-colored windows that are visible in the distance in the picture above, are those of the vintage Chinese restaurant right across the road, Jade Garden. Even further down the road is another classic restaurant, Usmania

The sitting area is spacious. 

The green partition in the middle separates the seating area for families from that reserved for groups of men.

They also had a screen up with a projector that was broadcasting television channels live! The outdoor version of plasma TV, I suppose. 

The menu is typical barbecue/desi fare. 
We decided to order a half-kilo Chicken white karahi. This doesn't have any tomatoes in it. 

There was no soup on the menu, but on asking, the waiter readily offered to bring it from Usmania Restaurant across the road.
This was a single serving of Chicken Corn Soup for Rs 90. Looks like he borrowed the spoon from the Karachi Broast joint nearby - one of those only-in-Pakistan things. :)

Half kilo Chicken White Karahi for Rs 320. It was very delicious and freshly made, brought to us within 20 minutes, as promised.
The quantity was more than enough for 2 adults. We had to get leftovers packed.

Garlic Naans for Rs 30 each - although they were fresh, they were a tad bit too salty and charred on the edges. 

Tandoori paratha also for Rs 30 - this was soft and extremely sumptuous! Served piping hot from the tandoor.

Verdict: It was overall a very enjoyable experience, alhamdulillah. The children were very happy to be able to kick off their shoes, lie down with their heads on pillows, and watch the open night sky. Not to mention, they enjoyed the company of the stray cats that wandered around under the baithaks

Try such an experience when you're in the mood for a picnic-type dinner with traditional desi food outdoors.