Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thali Inn, Boat Basin, Clifton

If you would like to visit a place where you are served all kinds of food belonging to Arabian, Pakistani and South Indian cuisine in large, sometimes sizzling and smoking platters, then Thali Inn is the stop for you and your family.

It is located at the end of Boat Basin that is closer to the Karachi Grammar School campuses, next to the - ahem - open air "river". 
It is in line with the famous Qasr Al-Nakheel and Hobnob bakery. 

Most of the items on the menu are served in the form of platters or thali's

A few entree's are individual too, but the serving sizes of most are enough for two people or a small family.  

You can see how unique some of the entrees are. I can tell you, they really did sizzle and let off smoke! 

The decor of the family hall is rustic, colored in hues of matted beige and rust. 

The furniture is made of carved wood! That was a hit with me. :)
The walls are textured to give the impression of a village hut with mud walls. 

It sounds a bit of an anti climax, but we were not in the mood for meat. Rather, the idea of having a South Indian type of thali with different kinds of vegetarian curries, motivated us to visit Thali Inn.  
Therefore, we ordered this Vegetarian Thali for Rs 285, and one chicken tikka.

Garlic Nan and Puri Paratha's

The Vegetarian Thali had boiled rice, channa curry (the kind you get with halwa puri), Kadhi (gram flour and yogurt curry), achar (pickles) and moong daal.  

It also had mixed vegetable bhaji/bhujia (visible on top left corner). 
The whole offering was more than enough for two people. The dumpling (pakora) in the Kadhi was not very soft, but the rest was great! 
I especially love how our local Pakistani cuisine offers the greatest variety of naans. The garlic naan served fresh and piping hot, was just out of this world! 
Our bill came to Rs 530, including 2 drinks.

Verdict: On the adjoining tables, we saw some appetizing, smoking and sizzling platters being served to families, having meat ranging from kababs to whole fish! 
Next time, we intend to try one of their family-sized, sizzling, meaty stuff, insha'Allah