Monday, November 1, 2010

Hyder's, Sindhi Muslim (S.M.C.H.S)

Right across the roundabout from the outlets of Bundoo Khan, KFC, and Nando's on Sindhi Muslim, is a small but thriving eatery called Hyder's.

Recently, Hyder's expanded upwards to include a larger family dining area on an upper floor.

Here is what the family "room" looks like:

Overall the floor has a nice decor; not too shoddy. :)

The view from the upstairs window: a lot of the diners choose to eat in their parked cars outside the eatery.

The menu boasts some good stuff at affordable rates, even steaks. Also, Singaporean Rice is available too, which is a rare commodity in other outlets.

They have some good deals too. We opted for the deal that is visible on the bottom right of this menu placard.

Here is the deal we ordered @ Rs 320: two mini chicken burgers, one quarter broasted chicken (here it is hidden under the fries), a bun (or "dinner roll", as it is known in Karachi), french fries, and one Chicken Shawarma.

The mini burgers were quite cute; perfect for the kids!

Chicken Chow mien for Rs 200. It was a bit on the spicier side, but very good nevertheless.

Special Faluda  for Rs 110. Don't ask - it is from my significant other's favorites.

The Chicken Shawarma machine outside Hyder's. Their Shawarma was mediocre though, nothing to write home about; although the chicken sure looks good in this photo!

The food is prepared live outside the Hyder's entrance..there were some huge flames whilst the chinese curries were being stir-fried! All in all, hygiene standards are quite high, that much is obvious.

Verdict: Since their recent expansion, the prices at Hyder's have gone up (I suppose maybe they want to recover their investment quickly?). Either way, the food quality is quite good, and worth a try. They have a wide variety of fresh juices and ice creams on offer as well, for which people flock in their cars. I would also like to add that chaat and pani puri stalls are stationed outside too, right next to the standard pan wala and shawarma machine.

Karachi eating out at its classic, traditional best! --> Cheap, affordable, chatpatta, spicy, a bit unhealthy, ad hoc, and last but not least - fun