Thursday, September 30, 2010

N'ecos Natural Store and Cafe, Phase 5, Defence

N'ecos Natural Store and Cafe has recently opened its doors along one of the lanes between main Khayaban-e-Shujaat and 16th Street off Khayaban-e-Muhafiz. Its in the same lane as the men's clothing store Naushemian

This picture of the map was downloaded from their now defunct website.

Since this store and cafe boasts organic and high-quality ingredients, the prices are on the high side.

They serve breakfast all day, which includes traditional desi as well as foreign fare. The "doorstep-thick" French Toast (pictured below in this post), is a unique attraction offered only by Necos's that is as yet unparalleled by other eateries.

Eggs are free-range, and you can choose wholegrain or white bread, and pick cheese that is hormone-free.

Their menu is more exotic than what you find in other cafes, e.g. they have a variety of flatbreads that are wholegrain.

The dessert menu

The cafe ambience is spacious yet cozy because of the abundance of woodwork, not to mention a tree in its center! 

Assorted things were hanging from the tree branches. Kudos to whoever designed the interior of this cafe-cum-deli-cum-store.

A blackboard displays the day's special menu and new store products on offer. I absolutely loved the ample use of thick wood throughout the cafe!

The woodwork added a very "countryside" touch to the ambience.

Behind the counter, an array of N'ecos original organic products on display. 

The deli has scrumptious-looking items, such as tarts, cookies, croissants, buns and other snacks on display.

Muffins, cupcakes, and a multitude of different breads can be bought here.

The store staff was very welcoming towards children, and provided them with colors and paper, which kept them occupied constructively.
The staff also offered my children two chocolate chip cookies, priced at Rs 15 each, on the house as soon as we entered the cafe.

Unlike other cafes, you can rest assured that whatever you order is prepared in a clean kitchen under high standards of hygiene. 

Customers can watch the food they order being prepared by chefs behind an open counter, and the final dishes are assembled before their eyes. 

The salad bowls are quite unique in shape, aren't they?

Mineral water is complimentary and is served in exquisite stemmed glasses (even to children!) as soon as you sit down to dine.  

Moroccan Chicken with pasta in creamy sauce, priced at Rs 499.

Homemade pasta with prawns in pesto, also priced at Rs 499. At N'ecos, they use their own pasta in their dishes!

Since breakfast is served all day, traditional Pakistani omelette, with onions and tomatoes but sans chillies, and paratha were ordered for the children, priced at Rs 399. This came with one cup of tea as well. 
Are you wincing at the price? Well, the quantity was more than enough for even one very hungry adult, plus they use their own whole wheat aata and free-range eggs!

Notice that N'ecos has its own distinct crockery.

Khageena with wholewheat paratha and one cup of tea - Rs 399

Hummus with mini-toasts - Rs 180
The hummus was spicy, glossy and really delicious!

Doorstep-thick French Toast with topping of maple syrup and seasonal fruit - Rs 329

Doorstep-thick French Toast with topping of apple, raisin and cinnamon compote - Rs 329

Cottage Chicken - Rs 569
The menu describes this as: "Chicken breast stuffed with layers of basil pesto, cottage cheese and tomatoes, along with Bearnaise sauce served with sauteed vegetables".
This was delicious; the only quibble I had with it was the small portion size. At this price, why are they being so stingy with the size of the chicken breast, sauteed veggies and sauce? It would not suffice for a very hungry adult.

Wholewheat Waffles with topping of seasonal fruit and maple syrup - Rs 300

The warm, syrup-drizzled waffles made a thoroughly enjoyable treat for the children! You can't get these at home, unless you have a waffle-maker.

Wholewheat pancakes with seasonal fruit and maple syrup - Rs 250
You will feel less guilty about having these pancakes, because they are wholewheat i.e. healthier. 

Blueberry-sauce topped New York Style cheesecake, priced at Rs 260. It was crusty around the edges, which indicated that it was not fresh, but its taste was nevertheless great!

A cup of tea accompanied the anda paratha breakfast i.e. it was included in its price. You can choose between teabag tea or doodh patti, and the sugar that comes with it is brown sugar or gurr that is of course one of the store's own original products. 

The bill includes Rs 198 as "Service charges" - yes, this cafe includes service charges as part of the bill, and there is no GST. 

The cafe and deli occupy the main floor but there is an entire, spacious organic products store in the basement as well, which I was unable to photograph. 

You can visit the N'ecos Facebook page for more information, product details and photos. Headed by the same entrepreneur who owns Hobnob Cafe (the past "Copper Kettle") and Hobnob Bakery chain, N'ecos with its product originality and wholesomeness of ingredients indeed seems to be here to stay!