Saturday, March 27, 2010

Arizona Grill, Zamzama

Located on main Zamzama Boulevard in Defence Phase 5, Arizona Grill is a popular restaurant, going strong among the die-hard foodie Karachiites since a decade now. The reception has a bar and waiting area.

On a national holiday at 2 p.m, we had to wait to get a table, along with other families and groups.

Despite being housed inside a basement, and only at that underground level, its popularity has not diminished.

The restaurant is very child friendly and accommodating. That is, they won't give you dirty looks if your child climbs on the upholstery with his shoes on, or drops cutlery on the floor, making loud clanking sounds!

The food station from where the waiters get the prepared food from the kitchen.

The lighting is dim and multi-colored.

As you can see from their menu, a main course entree will cost one person between Rs 400 and Rs 500.

Burgers and sandwiches fall between Rs 300 and Rs 400.

Starter: deep-fried, crumbed Mozzarella Sticks with salsa. The hot Mozzarella cheese oozes out when these are cut open. :)

Chicken Cordon Blue Burger costs Rs 345. It is accompanied by a generous helping of piping hot French Fries and cole slaw; absolutely enough in quantity to fill up one person!
I think these burgers fare much better in comparison, both in quality of taste and quantity, to the equally-priced burger deals at some international fast food franchises.

Chicken Lasagne for ~ Rs 375. Very filling and delicious, served piping hot from the oven with oodles of melted Cheddar cheese on top!

Arizona Fire Steak - the steaks at Arizona Grill are extremely popular - offered medium-rare and well-done. Choices of potatoes to have with the steak include mashed potatoes (pictured), baked potato, or French Fries. A steak is priced on average between Rs 400 and Rs 500, as I mentioned before.

Verdict: Arizona Grill boasts high-quality dining at the same rates as other expensive restaurants. While I prefer eating in a brighter ambience with windows letting in natural light, I think the food makes up for it. They also have commendable dessert, beverage and coffee offerings on the menu.