Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nihari Inn, Boat Basin, Clifton

Doing good business since many years on the Boat Basin strip in Clifton is a moderately-priced restaurant called Nihari Inn.

On the night we paid it a visit, it had rained heavily, so the outer baithak's of tukhts and gao takya's that have become a landmark of this strip of eateries, had been wound up, with tents erected in their place, as is obvious from the picture above.

The restaurant has an open air terrace upstairs.

The menu is reasonably priced and offers all variety of typical, popular desi food.

As you can see, the economic rates of the restaurant food combined with sustained good quality gives Nihari Inn  an edge above its overpriced counterparts tucked away in remote corners of Defence.

This below was their single serving of sumptuous Mutton Kunna priced at Rs 170:

And this was a single serving of plain Beef Nihari, priced at Rs 160:

 More shots of the succulent Kunna and Nihari. The meat in both was extremely tender!

The serving size was huge. We had to get the leftover packed to take back home.

Fluffy, hot naans were the best accompaniment to the meat curries:

This Kulfi in a clay pot priced at Rs 30, on the other hand, was a complete disaster. Avoid it! :)

The kheer was great in taste.

All in all, dining at Nihari Inn is a pleasurable experience, because of the good quality of the food combined with economical rates. 


  1. We had the kulfi too when we went and I remember it was so rock-solid that we ate most of it at home. Lol! :D

  2. Hand down that best eat-out in Karachi that I've been so far. Although, I must say, having looked at your blog, it feels like I haven't even seen half what Karachi has to offer!
    I'm doing my eating out list for the next visit to Pakistan using your blog, this info is priceless!

  3. @Anonymous: This is the reason I started this blog! I personally wished there were a few people out there who'd blog about the places in Karachi where they'd eat (whilst also including the prices in their posts), so that our family would be saved the hassle of experimenting with new eateries only to be disappointed.
    Eventually, I decided to provide this service myself, knowing that there are scores of people out there who'd love to get a preview of eateries before actually dining there, especially since new ones keep propping up so quickly!
    And people who live abroad like yourself, I hear, are even more keen diners at Karachi restaurants when they visit.
    Glad this blog was of benefit to you and other readers.

  4. Thanks for the reply! do you know the best place for Gol Gappay (pani puri) in Karachi by any chance? So far I only had them at Ice and Spice (sindhi muslim) and they were .. just OK .. so I was just wondering if you know any particularly good Gol Gappay wala? ideally not somewhere deep in the Karachi veins.

    Also, can you review the eat-outs in khadda market as well please, we always get tons of waiters chasing our car when we go there but do not know which ones to keep and which ones to turn away.

  5. I personally like the Gol Guppay at Mirchi the most, even more than the ones at the famous Chatkharay in Khadda Market (review coming soon, insha'Allah). I have reviewed Mirchi on this blog, please do a search.
    As for Khadda Market, since we usually eat in the car, the reviews are a bit tricky. Hot N Spicy, Mirchi 360, Kaybee's and Delhi Gola Kabab are our regulars over there. The food is more of than not, quite satisfactory.

  6. Hello, Could you please give details about the burger place called "Tipu Burger" at Boat Basin?

    1. 'Tipu Burger' is one the best bun kaba varieties in clifton. rating 9 out of 10....great bun kababs!

  7. @Anonymous: I have no idea. I have not seen any "Tipu Burger" in Boat Basin.

  8. Hi,

    I'm curious to know the history behind Delhi Gola Kabab. What exactly is it made from and did it actually come from Delhi?


    Imran @ Delhi

  9. Just tried nihari inn over the weekend and it was good. I liked it a lot better than zahid nihari which is at tariq road. Javed nahari in hussainabad is another good option which i usually go to since its nearby.

  10. love it simply
    i cant have all my meals a day with nihari

  11. I hadn't been to Pakistan for about 25 years --- until a couple of years back. That's when I started going about twice a year. My in-laws live in Karachi and as such I visit often. I have to admit that I've been missing out. Its an incredible city with a lot to offer. On my first trip out there went to this restaurant. Its a cardiovascular treat -- but a treat nonetheless.