Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nadia Coffee Shop Breakfast Buffet, Marriott

The Nadia Coffee Shop at Marriott needs no introduction. It has been around since as far back as I can recall. 

The ambience of the shop is inviting and cozy, as you can see.

On Eid this year, after the early morning Eid prayers, our hunger pangs made us decide to stop and have brunch at Nadia. It was a first time for us, so we decided to make the Eid morning a bit special and feed ourselves heartily after a month of fasting and worship. 

As we all know, eating food during the morning on Eid feels really special because it is something all Muslims have not done together in 30 days!

The leather seats were very comfortable, and the tables were laid out to perfection.

The weather that morning was cloudy and pleasant. 

Fresh fruit was on offer in a large variety, in addition to jams, jellies, and yogurt.

Chutneys and sauces were also available.

The bread counter: croissants, doughnuts, bagels, crumpets, scones, French loaf, you name it! All sweet and savory kinds of breads were there. 

The desi breakfast was also available: qeema mutter (mince with peas), aaloo ki bhujia, puri's and paratha's.

Cereals with warm or cold milk

Cheeses and juices. Sweet and salty lassi was also there! Note: foreign cheeses should be checked to see if they are halal, so we decided to pass. 

Cheese, olive, and mushroom omelette: the best I have ever had, no exaggeration! 
A seasoned chef made these before our eyes, and it was really expertly prepared: well browned on all sides and on cutting off a piece, the melted cheddar cheese inside oozing out. 

Waffle with maple syrup and butter. 

Pancakes (made before your eyes) with maple syrup and butter

Paratha, hash brown, beef sausage, Scottish meatloaf, and an omelette with the works: cheese, black olives, mushrooms, tomatoes, green chillies and onions. 

Seasonal and canned fresh fruit

Starting clockwise from right: A hash brown, beef frankfurters, aaloo bhajiqeema mutter and paratha's (top). In addition to these items, there were red baked beans, rice pudding (of porridge consistency), puri's and unlimited tea and coffee.

For Rs 750 per head, including taxes, I think the feast was fit for a king! Although many people are not fans of buffets, what I like about them is that everyone can have as much of what they like as they want to, without any reservations. 

My two children aged 5 and 3 were greeted and served cordially by the friendly staff, which is a prime concern for me where ever I go. And they were not charged, by the way. 

Verdict: All I can say is, "Why didn't I ever have breakfast at Nadia before?!" :) Perhaps one reason I enjoyed it so much was because it was Eid morning and I hadn't had breakfast in days! 


  1. I agree that there is much merit to a buffet at a nice up-scale restaurant like this one, in terms of both food and experience. I think it is a great idea to indulge on a buffet once in a while, especially on special occasions.

    BTW, although I agree there is crazy inflation going on in Pakistan as well, the prices have gone insane. The last time I was in Karachi in 2006, I remember having lunch at Taipan in PC. We had the PC card, which meant we got about 15 or 25% discount I don't remember exactly how much, but the total bill for Chinese buffets for four adults was less than RS 1800. And the Royal Elephant next door had posters announcing lunch buffet for 399. Amazing! I bet the prices must have trebled by now.

  2. My parents will be visiting Karachi for a wedding and I was looking for restaurants they could visit. Could you recommend some nice ( not very expensive!!) ala-carte restaurant, preferably Chinese or desi, where they could host a post wedding “dawat” for about 20 or so guests? China Town and BBQ Tonight, I know from experience are good, but what other restaurants would you recommend?


    Also, I read your review of Nando’s. Do you know if there is a branch of Nando’s outside of Clifton, perhaps in Gulshan area as well? The Peri Peri chicken is delish but I don’t think my folks would want to go out of their way for a ‘quick’ lunch at Nando’s.

    PS: Sorry for the random questions. :) Your blog is cool!

  3. @Foodie: Yes I agree with you. The price hike is really insane, and in the past year or so, the prices have almost gone up by 30%, for many things including restaurant fare.
    @foodie: No need to apologize!
    Yes Nando's does have 2 other branches in Karachi besides the one in Clifton. There is one right next to Bundoo Khan on Sindhi Muslim, and the other one is in North Nazimabad:
    Plot # 8, Block A, Sub, Block D, SMCHS
    Karachi, Pakistan.
    UAN: 111-NANDOS

    North Nazimabad
    D-11, Block D, North Nazimabad
    Karachi, Pakistan.

    As for the wedding dawat, I'd recommend Daily Dubai Restaurant, which I have also reviewed on this blog of mine. It is desi but very clean, and although its decor is pricelessly neat and state-of-the-art, its prices are not as high as, for example, BBQ Tonite.
    Hope your parents enjoy the dinner!

  4. Thanks a lot for the very helpful reply. I have saved the phone number and the addresses of Nando's and I think my folks will be able to check it out. Also Daily Dubai Restaurant seems very promising for the wedding dawat. The review was positive and the prices are quite reasonable too!
    Thanks :)

  5. Living in Dubai for some years now and my two cents worth of suggestion. the daily restaurant in Dubai is popular in the labor class and all (no bias but the service status lives up to its reputation). I am not sure how it has shaped up in Karachi.

  6. @Anonymous: If you ever visit Karachi, you can visit Daily Dubai here to see. Have you read the review of it on this blog? The prices and overall quality of the restaurant here is much above the local labor class at least.