Monday, July 5, 2010

Olé Cafe, Zamzama, Defence

Olé Cafe is situated on 6th commercial street, Zamzama, Defence Phase 5, Karachi, next to the popular Behbud Creations outlet.

The cafe's interior is done in brown and mahogany hues, with one central table occupying most of the space in the middle.

 Our party of 12 ladies was given this table for our reservation.

On one side, there are fixed booths seating 4~6 people.

Dining tables and chairs for two or four are also placed along one wall. There are two plasma televisions blasting out loud stuff from the walls. :-/

For those who'd like to know, "Olé" is a greeting in Spanish that means a shout of approval or excitement.

Prices of the soups and salads (exclusive of tax).

The menu has sandwiches, pastas and steaks as well.

Their dessert menu was economically priced though, with each item between Rs 100-200..


More latte....(there were different kinds)

Peach drinks

Slice of chocolate was huge!

Chocolate Malt Cake

Cappuccino @ Rs 120

Brownies with ice cream and chocolate sauce @ Rs 120

Verdict: The ambience was pleasant with tables comfortably spaced out from each other, preventing that cramped feeling that is there in many other cafes on Zamzama. The waiters were polite and courteous to our large company of ladies who chatted away for a good hour, non-stop. :)
The quality of the coffees and desserts was also more than satisfactory. I would recommend this cafe for anyone interested in a quick coffee and cake!


  1. You're really lucky you get to eat at so many different places=)

    Does Karachi have a good sushi place?? -random question

    Did you know I gave you an award on my blog?

    I like to keep my name anonymous, but I know you from windows live=)

  2. But your comment came up with your name, Rukhpar Mor!! :) Don't know how that happened if you posted it anonymously. :/
    Thank you for stopping by and even more for awarding me on your blog. Will check it out, insha'Allah! :)
    Yes, Karachi has a Sushi place but I have never eaten Sushi here (or anywhere). I have heard that Fujiyama Japanese Restaurant at Avari Towers hotel has great Sushi. My friend was raving about it.
    Thanks once again. <3

  3. Good work Ms. Farooqui

    I enjoyed the pictures and the captions very much. Reviews are informative and lots of fun.

    Thank You

  4. i really like this blog, few days ago i came accross this blog, now when ever i get free time i start reading infact see the lovely pics..its very convinient for me where u mention the price with dish pic.
    it was ur blog who helped me out to take my family to bbq tonite:) coz i sum up my calculation in menu card. jazak Allah

  5. An apple a day keeps the doctor awayOctober 17, 2010 at 4:48 PM

    Great blog post as usual.

  6. @Anonymous - alhamdulillah, glad to hear that. This is the primary reason, I am running this blog (as of recently, all blog posts include the menu and prices), so that people can get a sneak preview and know how much it will cost them before they actually visit a new eatery in Karachi.
    @An apple a day: Thanks!

  7. great blog and yes fujiyama does have great sushi and a 360 view of the city from its location

  8. OLE is one of the shiniest lights in a dim and dull cafe scene at Zamzama. Their steaks are the best in town and their steak sauces are amazing. This is my goto place for casual dining. I do hope you try their food and let us know your thoughts.