Monday, July 5, 2010

Espresso, Khayaban-e-Shahbaz, Defence Phase 5

Espresso Coffee House hardly needs any introduction. It is a very popular coffee house/cafe that has three outlets in Karachi: one on Zamzama, another in The Forum shopping mall and the third, its largest outlet, on main Khayaban-e-Shahbaz near the Shamsheer/Hafiz crossing.

Breakfast menu: breakfast at Espresso is very popular.

Desserts are a big hit with young and old alike, especially when complemented by a hot or cold coffee.

When we went at 6 p.m, the diners included a variety of diverse people: young people in groups, ladies in pairs, and students with laptops, not to mention executives and senior couples, all enjoying a cuppa. Note: passive smoking might be an issue while dining here.

Mochaccino @ Rs 245

Mocha Frappe @ Rs 215

Mars cheesecake @ Rs 275 - layers of vanilla cream with cadbury chocolate in between, drizzled with chocolate sauce. Too heavy for a single person, but good when shared by two!

Verdict: Very few, if any, do coffee and cake like Espresso. For most, it is akin to Starbucks in taste. Try it out to see for yourself.
Note: when it is crowded, the guffaw-infused conversations at the adjoining tables can be easily overheard, especially at Espresso's cramped Zamzama outlet. The loud music is a bit of a turn-off  as well, when you are already listening in unintentionally to others' surrounding conversations. Also, passive smoking could be an issue for those who are not used to hanging out with ardent smokers.


  1. and for the poor people a cup of tea at expresso,only at 2.50 paisa ki chaaye honi chahiye.give them or i will put my new rates straight away.understand.

  2. An appple a day keeps the doctor awayOctober 15, 2010 at 6:03 PM

    I like that Espresso uses the name "Mocha Frappe" and not "mocha Frappucinno." A couple of years ago we went to this otherwise quite good cafe, Coffee Tea & Company, in Lahore and, lo and behold, Frappuccino was on the menu. No, it was not the variety, bottled by Starbucks and also available in some superstores in Pakistan. It was made by the café itself! I had that so-called “Frappucino” and it tasted anything but its namesake.

    Perhaps CT&C did not know that Frappuccino has been trademarked by Starbucks. If so, it should have done its homework. I think it is quite disingenuous and an unethical business practice to sell an item by a name that has already been trademarked by someone else.

  3. So in a country on the brink of default and going to hell in a hand basket, this is what the "burger" elite does for fun times. No wonder Pakistan is in chaos. When rich and arrogant folks spend more money on a fancy cup of "frappucinno" then we do here in the west, and regular folks in Pakistan cannot even afford meals twice a day, you know that the society is on the brink of social anarchy.

    1. Don't be a loser! If you really feel the pain so much then why did you abandon ur mother-land? Come and help us undo all the things that went wrong since you left. :)

  4. No one dies here cuz of hunger cuz a single naan costs 6 rupees only :D...

  5. such a foolish response! a guy living in the west would obviously be blaming the surviving young adults here in this country that is constantly at the brink of war. doesnt that make u the biggest hypocrite of them all? do u even realize how much the "burgers" that u claim to stereotype are suffering in terms of being able to afford running off to the so called west where you have set your butt but stay back to be a part of their country instead? and yes nobody sleeps hungry in this country, we have chosen to live here because we dont want it falling in shambles. why dont you do yourself a favor and come down here? you will see the biggest smiles on the working class families every evening when they hit the malls. people such as yourself sicken me when they bitch their country out and throw rocks at it from a distance.

  6. I had submited my expired membershp card for renewal 0n 27th n0v bt stil havent g0ten it yet.