Sunday, July 25, 2010

Daily Dubai Restaurant, Badar Commercial Area, Phase 5 ext., Defence

Located on street 10 in Badar Commercial Area, in Defence phase 5, almost off main Saba Avenue, is the recently inaugurated Daily Dubai Restaurant

It is right next to the famous Meerath Kabab House that has also opened recently next to Dandee's Chaat and Fruit Juices on the same corner.

The restaurant occupies the entire 4-storey commercial building.

The owners seem to have left no stone unturned in investing in the decor and ambience of the restaurant.

We were surprised to spot these security video cameras installed on every floor. Even the elevator was top-notch, with audio announcements of the floors.

Families are usually seated on the first floor and up.

The wall-mounted plasma television sets were showing a World Cup match on the night we dined here, as the transfixed gazes of the restaurant's staff demonstrate. :)

The fare on offer is typical Pakistani cuisine, at the same rates as any other good restaurant located in Defence, Karachi.

I must say that the quality of the restaurant is laudable, from the ambience, to the decor and technology in use, to the complete lack of spelling errors in the menu! :)

Daily Dubai is famous for its paye, but on our first visit, we were in the mood for simple Beef Nihari, which didnot disappoint one bit! Priced at Rs 200 per serving, it was more than enough for two people.

The traditional accompaniments of Nihari: lemons, chopped ginger and green chillies.

Mutton trotters (Bakray ke paye) for Rs 300, photographed on a subsequent visit. 
I update this post with photographs of any new items that we order on further visits to Daily Dubai.

Priced at Rs 100, we ordered moong daal to accompany the meat dish(es) on both visits.

Green Chicken Tikka for Rs 140. This was nothing to write home about. 

The naans were hot and fluffy.

Sheer maal for the little ones.

The kheer was amazing, at just Rs 40 per two katora's.

Chocolate Chip and Vanilla Ice Cream, priced at Rs 40 per scoop.

Traditional kulfi priced at just Rs 50 was a wonderful sweet treat!

Recently, Daily Dubai started Sunday breakfast - the usual desi halwa puri fare.

Sooji Ka Halwa - for Rs 50

Channa Tarkari -  for Rs 50

Aloo Tarkari - Rs 50

Puri's - Rs 20 each

Sweet Lassi - Rs 50

Doodh Patti tea - Rs 40

I must say that the Sunday Breakfast was a huge hit! It is served till 4 p.m every Sunday. Each and every item that we ordered was delicious, especially the puri's. Also, the prices were very reasonable for the quantity and quality of the dishes.

Verdict: At Daily Dubai, we almost always like everything: the food, the ambience, the ultra-clean environment, the use of latest technology, and last but not least, the humble politeness of the staff. 

Eating here has become a regular feature for our family by now. Highly recommended! 


  1. its not located on khy bahrya its located on badar comm street 10 phase 5 ext dha karachi

  2. Okay thanks Anonymous, I will make the change. Jazak Allahu khair!

  3. great blog! we really needed a blog this kind for karachi! :D

  4. Yes Black Scorpion (what a name you have! :)), that is why I started this blog. All it needs is some discreet photo snapping when you're out and about, followed by some patient uploading.

  5. No, I'm afraid I do not know that.

  6. awesome place... and very delicious foood...

    my engagement ceremony was held there.... amazing management....

  7. Great review. Someone was asking for the number, here it is +92-21-35244018

    They deliver orders also. Perfect for that lazy subday!

  8. excellent blog, rarely see an updated blog, with pics and correct english, and an impartial assessment. but please always try to give the phone number of the restaurant, since i stumbled upon this page bcs i was looking for the phone number of dubai daily.

  9. @Anonymous: Yes this is a good suggestion.
    I will include phone numbers from now on, insha'Allah.
    Thank you for your appreciative feedback.

  10. The breakfast looks nice plus the prices for the breakfast items are very reasonable.

  11. Hey guys... Anyone planning for b/fast, plz note that they have stopped serving it after eid. I'm just coming from there, disappointed.

  12. ASA Sister,

    Thanks for this great blog - I'm sitting halfway across the world with my mouth watering.

    May Allah Bless you and your Family.

  13. very nice pictures looks yummy......

  14. There breakfast/brunch is back on from10.00 to 4.00 sundays, delicious nihari i must say

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  16. i must say excellent nihari and mutton ribs

  17. excellent informative blog and excellent restaurant