Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pizza Hut, Zamzama

The Pizza Hut outlet on main Zamzama has been doing roaring business since its inception, especially since the one we grew up frequenting near Boat Basin, Clifton, closed down some time ago.

There was a time when this "Pizza in a Sandwich" deal was on. We decided to try it out and it was a hit with the children!

The picturesque menu.
Pizza Hut has added a variety of appetizers and snack-type items to its menu since the last couple of years e.g. fried Mozzarella Sticks and other finger food.
They have, in other words, sprawled out beyond just pizzas, and this menu expansion has been quite a success, despite the somewhat steep prices.

Flat-screen TV's are the norm inside restaurants nowadays.The outlet at Zamzama has a family-friendly atmosphere, and is spread out on a grand total of four floors! This is the ground floor.
The top floor can be reserved for children's parties, as it includes a small play area in its center.

The Salad Bar.
Fresh, seasonal fruit and iceberg lettuce is always part of this salad bar. The different components available to build your salad offer a healthier option for those who come to Pizza Hut but do not want to eat pizza. 

Salad piled up high. Each visit to the salad bar costs Rs 235

Sandwich-style Pizza, or Pizza-style Sandwich, with crisp potato wedges and dip - Rs 199 plus tax.
Please note: this deal is no longer available.

Beef Lasagna Florentine served with a piece of Garlic Bread - priced at Rs 285

Fettuccine Alfredo - in other words, flat noodles with chicken julienne in white sauce, also served with a piece of Garlic Bread, priced at Rs 285. 
For the full list of their pastas, please click here.

Mexican Chicken Sandwich - Rs 275
This was a mildly-spiced sandwich that was huge! Quantity enough for two people, in my opinion. It is served with "potato wedges", a classic Pizza Hut snack.
For a list of all the sandwiches on their menu, please click here.

Verdict: I know that its weird for a review about Pizza Hut to not include any pizzas, but that is because we have been having pizza here since more than a decade now, so we kind of take the pizzas for granted and assume that everyone will know about them already. Also, we have been exploring other things on their menu, of late.

For prices and flavors of their different pizzas, please check out their online menu. Our personal favorite pizza flavors are Chicken Tikka and Super Supreme. We have tried the recent addition, Shawarma Pizza, but didn't find it anything to rave about.

Pizaa Hut is an age old favorite of most families. No doubt about that.

Phone number of Pizza Hut is 021-111-241-241 (Karachi UAN).

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  1. You should have added a picture of the chicken shawarma pizza as well! :p