Thursday, February 11, 2010

Subway, Zamzama

This is the "huge" looking sandwich the adverts tempt you with.

And this is what you get. You cannot even see the filling from the sides, let alone have it spill out of the bun; the sandwich in reality is quite limp and small. Rs 170 per Sub (on average) is a bit steep, considering the miniscule little excuse-for-a-sandwich you get for it. The white chocolate chip cookie visible in the background was also for a whopping Rs 60, and check out its size!

Subway staff is also notoriously stiff, unfriendly and tight-lipped; I don't know why. Perhaps because they are afraid that if they were too friendly, customers would rip them off, since they tell them what fillings and stuffings to add to their Subs? Yeah right!

Overall rating: I am a big fan of salads, whole-wheat breads, and healthy food, but the prices and the unwelcoming staff make me want to pass Subway each time, unless I really crave that little, overpriced, healthy sandwich.


  1. I love subway sandwiches but always avoid their Zamzama branch for their unfriendly reception and lack of service.